Eric Greitens: The Heart and The Myth

Eric Greitens: The Heart and The Myth

Eric Greitens: The Heart and The Myth - Video during: 00:08:46

Follow the link above to read the exclusive Missouri Times interview by the SEALs who created this video.

To all Team Guys:


In the two days since we first put this internal video on an unlisted channel, several thousand SEALs viewed and forwarded it organically throughout the Community, man to man.

In 48 hours, it reached more than 10,000. The intent was never to have this released publicly, but the message nevertheless went viral.

This video represents thousands of SEALs - active duty guys actively pursuing our nation’s enemies or transitioned civilians who have full time jobs but haven’t forgotten what it means to be a “silent professional” - guys with families and other shit to do than worry about the exaggerations of a misguided few.

We are Enlisted operators and Officers who pledged that we will not “advertise the nature of my work nor seek recognition for my actions.” We are proud of our service but are also fed up having a handful of guys trading that privilege likes whores for recognition and validation.

We are the guys that are still welcomed and respected in the Community. We are the brothers and teammates that “turds” wish hadn’t cut them out.

And to be clear: we don’t give a shit about political ambitions or party affiliation. Our ethos is not flexible or conditional. Our message is clear: Eric – and guys like him – should run on their own record, not ours.

Here’s the deal if anyone is still wondering: Eric Greitens is the Brian Williams of the SEAL Teams.

Instead of believing a host of bought and choreographed endorsements, ask guys who ACTUALLY served with him. We ARE those guys – WE KNOW HIM. We are the nameless, faceless silent professionals who endorse this video and believe that being a SEAL is NOT a resume bullet.

Outsiders may wonder - why take Eric to task? Why give a shit? Because “brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and feared reputation that I am bound to uphold.”

Enough is enough. This conversation is over.

The best summary of this video was written by a combat decorated SEAL Chief, who has actually led men in combat: “Fuck this guy and all those like him.”

- Teams and shit.

Eric Greitens: The Heart and The Myth

Eric Greitens: The Heart and The Myth