Abuse story sims - Video clip


The Sims 4 | A Child Abuse Story

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A short fiction film I made up .I think imma start mini machinama's. instead of let's plays . Let me know guys :] Make Sure…

Sims 4 - A child abuse story - Part 1

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If you liked it or want a part 2, please leave a comment or give the video a like.. I would really appreciate it :)…

Sims 4 - A Child Abuse Story S1 Ep1

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Hey guys so i just want to say sorry about the clicking noise and the lag at the beginning, i am new to this but…

Poppy The Story Of An Abused Child Part 1

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READ FIRST BEFORE WATCHING!!! I made this video as a child abuse awareness video and it may not be appropriate for everyone as it contains…

Child Abuse: Sarah's Story.... (made with sims 2)

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Hey. I was Watching other youtube Videos and saw a video about this girl named sarah and she was Abused by her father and was…

Sims 3 Abuse Story

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A family lived happily together until the father drowned. The whole family was very upset becasue of his death and the mother began drinking and…

The Sims 4 Lydia's Abuse Story.

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Sorry i wasn't active,i'm very busy! Exams are ahead and i need to study. Part 2 will be coming as soon as possible! Love you…

sims 2 child abuse story

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the music doesnt really go with it but it sounds good :) comment please :)

Sims 3 Child Abuse - Sandy's Story -

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PLEASE READ FIRST BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO! This is my first video :D hope you enjoy. This took me a long time and I know…


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~~~~~~~~ EXPAND FOR DETAILS ~~~~~~~~ (Make sure you watch in HD) Poor poor Keyshia, Babygirl has been through hell and back!!! #prayforkeyshia Heyyyyy, I hope…

Sims 2 Child Abuse - Lilly's Story - The Unlucky Ending

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Up next: another abuse to a boy this time... Hey! I said, I would make a video to this, and here it is! Not many…

Simsfreeplay - Child Abuse

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A story of brave girl Elina. Child Abuse final part: https://youtu.be/yTDl8YX0VDQ


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★ Check Out My Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCihgQd6mw9ebW7WWxS2-WLA Thanks so much for watching this video! Feel free to subscribe if you are new! ♡ SONGS (In…

Sarah's Story Sims 3 (Wife Abuse)

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There's loads of glitches and mistakes in this but I was 11 so.... Song is My Immortal by Evanescence ❤️ No copyright intended I didn't…

Sims 2 Abuse Story

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** WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY** I haven't made a video in forever, so I decided to upload this one. It's rushed way more then my…


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Note: This is NOT a new video HOWEVER it was only available on my backup channel which was hacked and deleted a long time ago…

Sims Freeplay: Child Abuse (Melanie's story)

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A little girl, Melanie, is abused by her mother after her parents divorce. She starves her, yells at her for no reason, and makes her…

Sims 3 Layla's Abuse Story

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