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Comedian Al Franken's Roasts Donald Trump at DNC 2016

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Al Franken is no stranger to telling jokes onstage. Before being elected to the Senate in Minnesota in 2008, Franken was a comedian who broke…

Sen. Al Franken on Leaving Comedy for Politics (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix

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Is being a Senator as much fun as working for SNL? Former comedian and current Senator, Al Franken, shares stories from his life in Washington,…

Al Franken CRACKS HILARIOUS JOKE During Senate Hearing & the Room ERUPTS IN LAUGHTER

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During a Senate HELP Committee hearing, Al Franken goes back to his comedic roots, cracks a witty joke, and the room erupts in laughter!! FREE…

Al Franken's Electoral Map - Saturday Night Live

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Subscribe to SaturdayNightLive: SEASON 14: Weekend Update: Guests: News and Current Events: Al draws a map completely from memory and shows…

Bill Maher and Al Franken: Politics, the Media and Comedy (1996)

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Maher assumed the host role on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, a late-night political talk show that ran on Comedy Central from 1993 to 1997…

Repeat or New, and Franken & Davis on Late Night, September 14, 1983

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Dave and Paul argue whether tonight's show is new or a rerun, and Al Franken and Tom Davis are inadvertently drawn into the battle. Al…

Al Franken on Letterman

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Al Franken and Tom Davis visit Late Night with David Letterman, 8/20/87. Al draws a map of all 48 contiguous states in under 2 minutes.

Comedian and Future Senator Al Franken With a Hilarious Performance at the 1996 WHCP

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Comedian Al Franken, a Clinton fan who at one point refers to himself as "the president's water carrier," delivers a hilarious performance with mostly Republican…

Sen. Al Franken is still seriously funny.

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Former "Saturday Night Live" star Al Franken (D-Minn.) had a lot to prove when he arrived in the Senate in 2008. Instead of being known…

Al Franken Hilariously Mocks Donald Trump

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Senator Al Franken mocked Donald Trump's Trump University in his speech to the Democratic National Convention. Subscribe to TDC for full 2016 election coverage:…

Al Franken At The White House Correspondents Dinner, 1996 pt1

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My favorite story @ 8:45

Joe Rogan on the Difference Between Al Franken & Harvey Weinstein

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Joe Rogan explains the differences between Al Franken and Harvey Weinstein. Featuring Duncan Trussell and Christopher Ryan.

Indecision 92 Election Night Coverage

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Comedy coverage of Bill Clinton's victory over George Bush from 1992.


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mytalkshowheroes 1999

Senator Al Franken: There's No Humor In Politics

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If Conan ever makes it to the Senate, he'll have to shelve the string dance for six years. More CONAN @ Team Coco is…

1994 White House Correspondents Dinner with Al Franken

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Al Franken Reveals Which Job is Better: Comedian or Senator

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Al talks about working to fix the Affordable Care Act, his new book, shows sketches he has done of colleagues in Washington, and reveals which…

Senator (and still humorist) Al Franken

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Lately the Minnesota Senator and former "Saturday Night Live" writer-performer has been coming to grips with the tension between politics and comedy. Al Franken talked…