Allegations pharmacy - Video clip


Pharmacy Technician Math Review: Concentration and Dilutions: Alligations Alternate

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Thank you for watching! I hope these videos are helpful. [email protected] PTCB Math Review will help you understand and memorize the formulas you need in…

Pharmacy Math Alligation Problem

69.92K Views14 Downloads Alligation Math step-by-step. A question asked on the facebook page

Pharmacy Tech Lesson - Alligations

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Practice Problem: You have on hand a 70% alcoholic elixir and a 20% alcoholic elixir, the prescription calls for a 30% alcoholic elixir, in what…

The Alligation Method

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This video provides a step-by-step approach on how to use the alligation method to perform calculations for altering the strength of pharmaceutical products using pertinent…

Alligation Pharmacy Tech Math

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Alligation is tested on the PTCE. Learn the tic-tac-toe process to solving these pharmacy math problems easily.


127.26K Views17 Downloads Example of an Alligation. (Numbers rounded to the nearest .25)

PTCB Allegations 1

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This video is about Allegations 1


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PHARMACY MATH ALLIGATION SIMPLIFIED & Hack Going to take the PTCB? Need a refresher on Alligations? Or are you already a medical professional and just…

Alligation - Pharmacy Technician Math

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This short 6 minute video shows pharmacy technicians how to do an alligation medial problem.

Congressional Pharmacist Spills SHOCKING Secret

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The pharmacist at the US congress just reveal a disturbing fact about our legislators. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, the hosts of The Young Turks,…

Pharmacy Calculations for Technicians - Alligation Problems

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This video explains how to calculate problems which involve mixing two different strength solutions to produce a third strength.

mixing 3 solutions with alligation math

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PTCE Alligations (Tic-Tac-Toe method) speedrun version

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quick way in solving without the talking nonsence How much of 90% alcohol must be mixed with 10% alcohol to make 473ml of a 40%…

Alligation Math from Free PTCB Practice Questions

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Alligation Math fromPTCB Practice Test. Free site for pharmacy technician students.

Find My Pharmacy - Allegations: First Look

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My first instructional video uncourageously tackling an allegation problem. Certainly more to come, so let me know if it's of any help! I appreciate any…

Controversial Valeant-linked pharmacy closing its doors

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Southern Investigative Reporting Foundation’s Roddy Boyd and FBN’s Charlie Gasparino on the controversy over Valeant Pharmaceuticals’ relationship with Philidor. Watch Charlie Gasparino and Liz Claman…

Mixtures and Allegations Shortcuts (Part 1 of 2)

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CAT 2015 Full preparation course : IBPS PO 2015 Online Coaching: In this video, we understand the concept of mixtures in 2 different…

Use of Alligation Method in Dispensing Pharmacy

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This method is used to calculate the required ingredients of different percentage strengths to make the product of required strength.