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Verizon to buy Yahoo and rename it Altaba

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Half of Yahoo's board of directors will step down. The other half will move on to run Altaba for Verizon. Learn more about this story…

Yahoo To Be Renamed Altaba Following $4.8 Billion Verizon Acquisition

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Last July, Verizon announced its plan to acquire Yahoo’s core internet assets for $4.8 billion. That was until Yahoo told the world they had been…

Yahoo to be renamed 'Altaba'

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Major changes coming at Yahoo-starting with its name- The company-- once it's sold to Verizon-- will call what's left Altaba. According to media reports- the…

Yahoo to change name to Altaba: Key things you should know

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Yahoo, one of internet's most distinguished companies is set to acquired by Verizon.

Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) to become Altaba

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Gabelli Analyst Brett Harriss discusses's (NASDAQ:YHOO) sale to Verizon (NYSE:VZ) Invest with Us 1-800-GABELLI (800-422-3554) GabelliTV Transcript:Today Yahoo announced that, following the…


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God give me you

Trader Sells Premium in Altaba

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Host Roma Colwell-Steinke breaks down AABA bear call spread, and explains selling premium plus risk. 01/04/18

After the $4.8 billion Verizon deal, Yahoo will rename itself 'Altaba', Marissa Mayer left Yahoo CEO

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Yahoo announced that, following the close of its merger with Verizon, what's left of the company will be changing its name to Altaba. Basically, Verizon…

English 2017 New English Part 3 --- Yahoo! Is Renamed to Altaba

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English 2017 - New English Proposed, Part 3 Yahoo! Is Renamed to Altaba EXTRA! EXTRA! THIS JUST IN. Would you like to here the story…

Altaba: The Father of Alibaba

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What is Altaba? The Father of Alibaba.


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Yahoo change its name to altaba. The Yahoo that internet users know for email, fantasy sports and other internet services is in the process of…

Yahoo changing its name to Altaba

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The name is a combination of the words "alternate" and "Alibaba." Alibaba is a company in which Yahoo has a major stake.

Yahoo - Sold to Verizon and Will Change Their Name to Altaba?

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Te amo, Ainara Altaba

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Altaba, η νέα Yahoo - corporate

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Και το όνομα αυτής... Altaba. Με το όνομα αυτό θα μπει στη νέα εποχή η Yahoo ή ό,τι απομείνει από τον πάλαι ποτέ διαδικτυακό κολοσσό…

Yahoo cambiará su nombre por el de Altaba

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Yahoo Inc, la icónica firma de servicios en Internet, informó que cambiará de nombre por el de Altaba Inc., luego de completar el acuerdo de…

Altaba, Cervera, Perucho, Nico & Sole ‎– Tropopausa (1979) - FULL ALBUM

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Occult avantgarde jazz. Live session recorded in January of 1979 in Sala Zeleste (Barcelona) and released the same year.