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Should you still buy Amazon Stock in 2018? AMZN Stock Analysis

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Welcome to my world of Finance!!! In this video I talk about Amazon stock in 2018!!! My gaming channel: Thanks for watching and please…

Amazon likely to remain stock outlier during 2018

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Circle Squared Alternative Investments founder and CIO Jeff Sica predicts which stocks will be the best investments during 2018.


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Let’s talk Amazon stock! Is Amazon stock a buy? Amazon is one of the most talked about stocks among investors. Amazon stock is up 12%…

Is Amazon Stock A Good Investment for 2018?

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Amazon stock will keep running higher because the big money has every intention of taking it there. Amazon stock is headed towards $2000 per share…

Amazon stock soars after earnings exceed expectations

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Amazon shares jumped overnight after earnings went beyond the company's own expectations. The stock price gained more than 7 percent in after-hours trading. Amazon just…

Is AMAZON Stock a BUY in 2017, Above $1,000 per Share? (AWOF)

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Welcome to my world of Finance!!! In this video I talk about Amazon Stock and whether it is a buy at over $1,000 per share!!!…


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Today we talk about Amazon and Nvidia stock and if they way overvalued right now. Do you own Amazon stock or Nvidia stock? * My…

Why Amazon stock is a buy now

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Strategic Resource Group Managing Director Burt Flickinger on whether Amazon’s stock is a buying opportunity for investors.

Should You Buy AMAZON Stocks In July 2017

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I'll analyse if the Amazon or AMZN stock is worth a buy in July 2017. Super important links below, read on if you want to…

Amazon Stock Jumps after Layoffs Report

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After announcing a round of layoffs, Amazon's stock spiked by 3-percent. According to a report from the Seattle Times, Amazon will lay off hundreds of…

APPLE vs GOOGLE vs AMAZON vs FACEBOOK! Stock Market Battle!

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The ultimate stock market battle involving Apple, google, Amazon, and Facebook! Hope you guys enjoy this stock market related video * My Stock Market Investing…

THE BOTTOM LINE: Gary Shilling on expensive stocks and Alibaba vs. Amazon

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This week: Alibaba has been one of the best-performing mega-cap stocks of the year, surging 100%. Most recently, they had a blockbuster quarterly earnings report,…

Buying $10000 Of Amazon Stocks Live

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A live recording of me buying $10000 of Amazon stocks, ticket symbol AMZN. Amazon or AMZN had a 8% dip in recent weeks so I…

Is Amazon Stock A Buy In 2018?

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This video analyses whether Amazon Stock is a Buy in 2018. If you are considering buying Amazon Stock in 2018 then this video will provide…

Earnings Insanity! Apple, Google, Amazon

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* 11 Part Stock Market Investing Mastery Course: * 12 Part Stock Options Mastery Course: * My Private Stock Market Member Group:…

Amazon stock falls after earnings fail to meet expectations

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Jeff Bezos lost the title of world's richest man after Amazon's stock fell when the company reported weak earnings. MarketSnacks co-founder Nicolas Martell joins CBSN…

3 Stocks to Buy In January 2018

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These are my 3 stocks to buy in January 2018. I chose these 3 stocks for January 2018 because of political, growth, and strategic reasons.…

Ep 169: Interest Rates, eBay, Bitcoin, Amazon Health, USD, & Market Review

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In today's episode of Let's Talk Stocks, we are going to talk about some news and events currently going on in the stock market. We'll…