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Ann Coulter Describes Her Delta Airlines Experience

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Ann Coulter On UC Berkeley Speech, Border Wall & More | The View

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Ann Coulter - Washington Post Live (6/20/2017)

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Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, former ACLU Pres Nadine Strossen join Post columnist Charles Lane discussing free speech #FreeToState

"Seas Will Rise! Insects Will Spread!" Tucker and Ann Coulter Troll Kathy Griffin and Paris Deal

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6-2-17: Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter sit down to discuss Kathy Griffin's crybaby press conference for Trump backlash, as well as the Left's hysteric reaction…

Trump tweets on Mika Brzezinski were ‘fantastic,’ says Anne Coulter

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‘In Trump We Trust’ author Ann Coulter reacts to President Trump’s tweets and whether they distract the administration’s agenda.

Ann Coulter SHUTS DOWN Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg on The View With One Line!!!

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Liberal Tears Mug - Ann Coulter SHUTS DOWN Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg on The View With one Line!!! 5 minutes of ann coulter,…

Ann Coulter | Potheads

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An analysis of how an individual's arguments contradict each other. Individual: Ann Coulter In One Breath: Being high on marijuana makes you lazy; an unproductive…

Ann Coulter Describes What Really Happened on Her Delta Flight

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Ann Coulter describes what really happened on her Delta flight.

Coulter on health reform fight: I don't know why they won't pass the one sentence bill

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'In Trump We Trust' author Ann Coulter on Senate health reform and the media coverage of the G20 Summit.

Ann Coulter’s take on Syria, Trump’s foreign policy

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Political commentator Ann Coulter on the U.S. airstrike in Syria and Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation.

NPR talks with Ann Coulter About Immigration

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NPR talks to Ann Coulter About Immigration in relation to an infamous Rockville, MD rape accusation against immigrants 7/23/17 (Show: This American Life) (still pic…

Ann Coulter Nearly Gives Joy Behar a Stroke on CNN!

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Ann Coulter Nearly Gives Joy Behar a Stroke on CNN! Follow us on Twitter ► Like us on Facebook ► Subscribe for more…

Ann Coulter: Approves Of Transgenders Being Banned From The Military & Trump. (7-26-17)

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Ann Coulter talks about the latest Trump issues.

Ann Coulter on The Mark Simone Show (7/5/2017)

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Ann Coulter: "I Beg You to Keep Creating Gifs with Trump Beating up the CNN Logo Head!"

Ann Coulter Criticises Donald Trump for Hiring Family Members | Good Morning Britain

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Subscribe now for more! Ann Coulter feels Donald Trump made a mistake bringing family members into the White House to work for him. Broadcast…

Ann Coulter Destroys Sally Kohn on Conservatism and Progressivism

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Ann Coulter on Trump's Victory

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The pent-up rage against both parties, mostly over the issue of immigration, is the reason why Trump won, says author of Adios America. »»» Subscribe…