Bbc news theme - Video clip


BBC news theme tune news 24

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The famous BBC news theme tune & the longest version on youtube.

BBC News Countdown Theme 2014 (Extended Club Remix 2015)

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The current BBC News Countdown Theme given the remix treatment 2015. mp3 Here: New 2016 version here:

bbc news start up theme

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BBC News countdown -full music(opening voice version)

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BBC News Orchestra Countdown 25/12/15 18:00

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BBC News Orchestra Countdown 25/12/15 18:00 All copyright BBC.

BBC News Channel Countdown (2013 - March) Filler - Video - 60 minute version!

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60 minute version of the filler countdown, used on the BBC News Channel while waiting for BBC One for a BBC News simulcast.

BBC News Intro Transparent (HD)

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BBC News theme, Only music. 0:00 Countdown 0:58 Headlines 1:58 Intro © Bintro, BBC 1080P, 2014

BBC News Countdown 2013 - Headlines (Only Music)

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A few years ago now I had downloaded this video for personal use, when I tried to find it again, I was unsuccessful. So I…

BBC World News Loop - Version 1

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Looking at the new BBC World News studio screens they have a slow moving looping animation. I wanted to have a go at re-creating it…

BBC News Theme | Opening Titles Intro

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BBC News Theme Opening Titles Intro.

New Style BBC News Countdown

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This is a Higher Quality version of my 90sec countdown I made in the style of the new look BBC News which went on-air April…

BBC News through the ages

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From the BBC website. One of the viewers suggests that the BBC News opening titles at 0:33 actually started in September 1981, not in 1984.

BBC News Countdown - 2017 Remix

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Remix of the famous BBC News Countdown theme. - -

Bill Bailey - BBC News Theme (Live at Edinburgh Castle)

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This is Bill Bailey's live performance at Edinburgh Castle, as shown on BBC One

BBC News 1990s Intros

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BBC News intros from the 1990s (1993-97) from when the Beeb had the virtual studio. Which were in various shades of blue depending on what…

BBC 9 O'Clock News Theme Tune 1993 (No Voice-Over)

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BBC News theme used at Vancouver Giants game intro

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BBC News Special Close Mock (HD)

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For once we mocked something up. This is what the outro of BBC News could look like if BBC would use the Olympic Close music…