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Watch: ESPN's Britt McHenry Insults Towing Company Employee | msnbc

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ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry has been suspended for one week after a video emerged of her insulting a towing company employee. » Subscribe to msnbc:…

ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Suspended For Foul-Mouthed Rant

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ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has been suspended for one week after footage emerged of her in an abusive rant against a towing company employee. More…

Former ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry on Why Conservatives are targeting ESPN. #ESPN @BrittMcHenry

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Britt McHenry Apologizes for Recorded Outburst

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The ESPN reporter has been suspended for a week for cursing out a tow truck company employee.

Trump shows #TakeTheKnee BRATS how it’s done | Britt McHenry GUESTS

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Sports are now so saturated with politics (thanks, Kaepernick!) that it's actually news when the president stands for the national anthem. Of course, Trump's attendance…

Britt McHenry & Tomi Lahren - 12/2/2017

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Watters' World - 12/2/2017

Former ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry PISSED at Colin Kaepernick Being Named Citizen of the Year

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Britt McHenry became famous after being caught insulting a tow lot attendant on camera, which was followed by a suspension from ESPN for a week.…

Kevin Durant Rips Trump and Britt McHenry

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SUBSCRIBE to TYTSPORTS for more free sports news and content! ► Kevin Durant announced that he will not be visiting the White House this…

Jillian Barberie -- Rips Britt McHenry ... What She Did Was Horrible | TMZ Sports

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Britt McHenry's getting no sympathy from fellow female sports media star Jillian Barberie -- who tells TMZ Sports what the ESPN reporter did was "horrible"…

Britt McHenry (ESPN)

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Britt McHenry The Lady in Red | ESPN

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Blonde Britt McHenry, from NFL Live on ESPN. Britt's legs are thicker then I thought. I'm still up in the air about how nice her…

Antonietta Collins & Britt McHenry (ESPN)

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Britt McHenry (ESPN)

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ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry CAUGHT ON VIDEO AGAIN Ranting At Cute Zoo Animals During Her Suspension

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ESPN reporter Britt McHenry CAUGHT ON VIDEO AGAIN ranting at cute zoo animals during her one week suspension. Britt McHenry - Lisa Marie Summerscales Written,…

Breaking News - Craig Sager's daughter DESTROYS axed ESPN Britt McHenry

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Kacy Sager, daughter of legendary NBA broadcaster Craig Sager, caught the internet's affection by saying everything there is to say to axed ESPN reporter turned…

Britt McHenry - 12/6/2017

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Britt McHenry on Sportscenter & NFL Live - 1/22/2016

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Samm Adams Does Her Best Britt McHenry Reenactment

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Our own Samm Adams does a little parody of ESPN's Britt McHenry's bullying rant that's going viral these days. We think hers is right up…