Brussels griffon - Video clip


Dogs 101 - Brussels Griffon

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For more, visit | The Brussels Griffon may be small, but it's got a plus-size personality!

Brussels Griffon talking back

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Jazmine when you talk to her about friends or people she starts to talk back

5 Facts About Brussels Griffons

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Get to know all about this fun, cute dog breed with our Brussels Griffon compilation! Did you know they were the inspiration for Chewbacca from…

Brussels Griffon Eats a Banana

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Hector Eats a Banana

Brussels Griffon boys don't want to take bath

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Vader and Neo during bath day at the Griffondog House Feb.16, 2012. Let's see which griff wants to take a bath first. :) it ends…

Brussels Griffon / Boston Terrier

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Brussels Griffon Wins 2017 National Dog Show

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A Brussels Griffon named Newton beat out more than 2,000 other dogs to win the 2017 National Dog Show. The competition kicks off each year…

10 hours walking around NYC as a Brussels Griffon

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Twiggy, like women from all races and faces, has always been catcalled. She was completely unaware of the abuse she was experiencing until we showed…

100 Years of Brussels Griffon Beauty in 60 Seconds

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In a parody of Cut Video's 100 Years of Beauty series , watch Eric show off his favorite Brussels Griffon looks from the past 100…

Brussels Griffon Takes A Bath

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Practicing adding sound to video to enhance it. Lumix GH5

National Dog Show: A Brussels Griffon was named Best in Show at the 2017 on Thanksgiving Day

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Top dog! A Brussels Griffon was named Best in Show at the 2017 National Dog Show on Thanksgiving Day. We’ve got all the details on…

brussels griffon puppies

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More pics of the puppies.

Brussels Griffon George Wants A Coke

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On the 125th anniversary of Coca-Cola, our Brussels Griffon George asks "pretty please" for a bottle of Coke.

Hector the Brussels Griffon tries Agility

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An old video of Hector trying Agility training. He never went back...

Brussels griffon vs helium balloon

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Doggy plays with a deflating helium balloon

Cute Brussels Griffons

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Watch little Alegria teasing her mother Euphoria! They are 2 cute Brussels Griffons from Lapinus Kennel in Brazil

Buddy the Brussels Griffon - What a Great Dog!

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This is Buddy a very smart and loveable Brussels Griffon The intelligent and cheerful Brussels Griffon has a terrier-like disposition and is known for his…

And the winner is… Newton! 3-year-old Brussels Griffon wins ‘National Dog Show’

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A 3-year Brussels Griffon named Newton took home the prize at the “National Dog Show Presented by Purina.” Newton and his handler Susan Depew join…