Clinton cash - Video clip


‘Clinton Cash’ author responds to Clintons’ reaction to book

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‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer on concerns of potential corruption by the Clintons.

‘They have a history of corruption’: Clinton Cash documentary author Peter Schweizer

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RT spoke to the author and executive producer of the documentary 'Clinton Cash' - Peter Schweizer, who believes Hillary Clinton needs power to keep the…

'Clinton Cash' author on Clinton Foundation money

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'Clinton Cash' Author Peter Schweizer argues there's an amazing lack of curiosity over claims that Hillary Clinton's accumulated millions in questionable cash for the Clinton…

‘Clinton Cash’ Fallout

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The “This Week” roundtable assesses possible fallout on the 2016 race from “Clinton Cash.”

‘Clinton Cash’ author on the FBI’s McAuliffe investigation

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‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer on the FBI’s investigation of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Graphic novel puts 'Clinton Cash' into new perspective

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Author Peter Schweizer shares latest adaptation of his work

Peter Schweizer on 'Clinton Cash's' role in foundation probe

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Author reacts to book being a 'roadmap' in Clinton Foundation investigation

'Clinton Cash' author: Clinton 'investors' watching election

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Peter Schweizer weighs in on 'Hannity'

'Clinton Cash' author on film, Russian ties

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'Clinton Cash' author Peter Schweizer on his documentary and the Clintons' ties to Russia.

Bill Clinton slams "Clinton Cash" and questions over foundation donors

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While presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is in California on a two-day fundraising trip, former President Bill Clinton is in Africa, facing questions over the Clinton…

Clinton Cash book alleges Hilary Clinton abused Secretary of State power

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A new book makes major allegations about Hillary and Bill Clinton. »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: Voice Your Opinion…

'Clinton Cash' author: Email, foundation scandals are linked

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Peter Schweizer says private server and deleted emails were hiding pay-to-play politics

'Clinton Cash' Author: Evidence Against Them Is Troubling

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April 29 -- “Clinton Cash” Author Peter Schweizer weighs in on scrutiny of Bill and Hillary Clintons’ financial and charitable affairs. He speaks on “In…

Hillary Clinton dismisses "Clinton Cash," GOP critics

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The presidential candidate deflected questions on Monday about the new book examining foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation when she was secretary of state. That…

FBI takes its time with Clinton-Russia scandal?

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‘Clinton Cash’ author Peter Schweizer on Hillary Clinton’s alleged involvement in the Uranium One deal.

Clinton slams possibility of Uranium One investigation

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Reaction on 'Hannity' from 'Clinton Cash' author Peter Schweizer.

Peter Schweizer on possibility of investigation into Clinton

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'Clinton Cash' author reacts on 'The Ingraham Angle' after DOJ confirms that Attorney General Sessions is considering appointing a special counsel.

Clinton cash trail in the 'real' Russian collusion scandal

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Report: The FBI uncovered a Russian bribery plot before the Obama administration approved a controversial nuclear deal with Moscow - and millions of dollars routed…