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Why I Stopped Uploading to Youtube

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An explanation of what exactly happened to me making youtube videos and why I stopped. BUT I'm back and will be uploading videos regularly.

'Models Are More Than Just Abs & Eyes' Official Sneak Peek | Are You the One? (Season 6) | MTV

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The competition is already heating up for Clinton’s heart. Don't miss the premiere of 'Are You the One?' on September 20th at 10/9c! #MTV #AreYouTheOne…

Are You The One? Season 6 Episode 8 Review w/ Clinton Moxam & Tyler Colon | AfterBuzz TV

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Hosts discuss Are You The One? for the episode "Ex-tra Cray." AFTERBUZZ TV -- Are You The One: All-Star Challenge edition, is a weekly "after…


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'Can Clinton Control Himself?' Official Sneak Peek | Are You the One? (Season 6) | MTV

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Clinton has a hard time controlling himself with Geles behind closed doors. New episodes of AYTO airs Wednesday at 10/9c. #MTV #AreYouTheOne #AYTO Subscribe to…

'Uche Leaves Her Mark On Clinton' Deleted Scene | Are You The One? (Season 6) | MTV

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Clinton and Uche seem inseparable, which is frustrating Jada to another level. Get ready for a new episode of #AYTO this Wednesday at 10/9c #MTV…

'Nurys & Didi Are Done Being Played' Official Sneak Peek | Are You The One? (Season 6) | MTV

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As secrets unfold, Nurys and Didi finally start to see Malcolm for the player he truly is. Catch 'Are You the One?' on Wednesdays at…

'Brotherly Love' Official Sneak Peek | Are You The One? (Season 5) | MTV

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Derrick blows up Andre's spot while they're hanging out with Taylor. Don't miss new episodes of #AYTO Wednesdays at 9/8c! #MTV #AreYouTheOne #AYTO Subscribe to…

'Don’t Come For Me' Official Sneak Peek | Are You The One? (Season 6) | MTV

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Tensions reach a boiling point in the house between Uche and Jada. Catch 'Are You the One?' on Wednesdays at 10/9c! #MTV #AreYouTheOne #AYTO Subscribe…

'Suck At Relationships' Official Sneak Peek | Are You the One: Second Chances | MTV

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Don't miss the premiere of Are You The One: Second Chances on March 22nd at 9/8c. #MTV #AYTOSecondChances #AreYouTheOne #AYTO Subscribe to MTV: Over…

Model Clinton Moxam

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Model Clinton Moxam

ARE YOU THE ONE? SEASON 6 - MTV PRANK CALLS (Pt 4) || Zak Longo, Tori Deal, Hannah Rathbun

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Back by popular demand, this time with a special guest. Ms Tori Deal! Shoutout to all the cast of season 6 for being good sports…

'All About Uche' Official Sneak Peek | Are You The One? (Season 6) | MTV

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It’s a family affair during next week’s challenge when the ladies families make an appearance. Things get a little personal for Uche while Clinton fights…

Youtube Introduction

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My introduction to Youtube. I'll be documenting my fitness journey, giving advice, taking advice, answering questions and growing as an individual. My plan is to…

Making Changes: YOUR 24 HOURS

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Maximizing your 24 hours is key to making changes in your life and moving forward. Challenging myself to wake up earlier and get to the…

Kareem is Out to Win Alivia’s Heart | Are You The One? (Season 6) | MTV

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Kareem is bringing out his A-game to romance Alivia! Catch new episodes Wednesdays at 10/9c! #MTV #AreYouTheOne #AYTO Subscribe to MTV: If your Perfect…

Heritage High #11 Clinton Moxam throw 30 yard TD pass

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Heritage High #11 Clinton Moxam thows 30 yard TD pass to make the score 26-7 against Melbourne Central Catholic High. For more High School Sports…

Clinton Moxam

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Clinton Benghazi