Corey feldman music - Video clip



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WER'E BAAAAACK!!! HERE IT IS FOLX....1 MORE TIME presented n CiFi The Groundbreaking video that started it ALL! Featuring Goonies co-star Sean Astin, and Coreys…

Corey Feldman & the Angels - Go 4 It - Today Show

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'Go 4 It' - Buy the song and album 'Angelic 2 the Core' on iTunes now! Support the band so you can see us in…

Comedians React to Corey Feldman’s Musical Performances

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Audio from the Jim & Sam show featuring Anthony Cumia, and the Joe Rogan Experience featuring Greg Fitzsimmons reacting to video clips of Corey Feldman…

Corey Feldman Cries in FB Live Video Defending 'Today Show' Performance

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Corey Feldman and the Angels have not had a great week. Since a semi-disastrous performance Friday on the Today Show, in which Feldman gathered a…

Corey Feldman LIVE at the High Times Cannabis Cup!

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Want More Vids? Subscribe ►► From the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, CA on 4/22/17. for more 80s stars without shirts.…

Corey Feldman Music Video

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This is Corey Feldman singing "Something In Your Eyes" co-written by Michael Damien for "Dream A Little Dream".

A Moment by Moment Breakdown of the Worst Music Video Ever | Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

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SHOP at The Cracked Dispensary: YOU'RE BETTER THAN THIS SEAN ASTIN! Watch the train wreck here: Make sure you watch the end of…

Corey Feldman Returns to 'Today' Show for Another Unique Performance After Getting Bullied

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Getting up off the ground! Corey Feldman returned to the 'Today' show for another unique performance on Thursday, October 13. The former child star belted…

Corey Feldman plays the State College Spikes

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You can decide for yourself... Comments encouraged!

COREY FELDMAN'S "DUH!" CiFi records Official Video release

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CiFi Records presents: COREY FELDMAN'S "DUH!" Directed by Tanna Frederick, featuring Corey's Angels. Here is the OFFICIAL release of Coreys 2nd video which is also…

Corey Feldman & The Angels - Complete Show (Houston 07.29.17) HD

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Corey's Heavenly Tour: Angelic 2 the U.S. Summer Tour 2017 White Oak Music Hall - Upstairs Houston, Texas Front Row 07.29.17 Setlist: 0:00 (Video Intro)…

Corey Feldman singing "Go 4 It" appearing on The Live on Today Show 2016

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Corey Feldman singing "Go 4 It" appearing on The Live on Today Show with his Angels

THE WORST ALBUM OF 2016 (Corey Feldman's Angelic 2 The Core) [NOT GOOD]

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Listen: This has to be the worst album of 2016. I mean, it just has to be, right? =================================== Subscribe: Official site:…

LIVE Corey Feldman Performing March 5, 2017 at The Coach House

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Check out my brand Lonely Shadows Only (LSO) : --------- Follow me on Instagram : Personal account - LSO brand account (I'll follow…

Corey Feldman on Howard Stern, 1992

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Corey Feldman sings a tuneful tune on Howard Stern's Channel 9 Show in 1992 (believe it's titled "What's Up with the Youth").

Corey Feldman on The Today Show (Take A Stand)

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This Is Good Times !!

Body Language: Corey Feldman

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Corey Feldman has released an urgent video saying that powerful Hollywood executives are threatening to kill him, trying to prevent him from outing pedophiles in…