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Corey Feldman Opens Up About His Plan To Expose Hollywood Pedophiles | TODAY

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On the heels of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, former child star Corey Feldman is trying to fund a film he says will expose a ring…

Corey Feldman & the Angels - Go 4 It - Today Show

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'Go 4 It' - Buy the song and album 'Angelic 2 the Core' on iTunes now! Support the band so you can see us in…

Former Child Star Corey Feldman Talks About His Hollywood Pedophilia Claims | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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Actor Corey Feldman joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to talk about his claims that older men in the entertainment industry sexually abused him and other child…

Corey Feldman on The Today Show (Take A Stand)

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This Is Good Times !!

Corey Feldman today performance goes viral #Olmanrus

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Corey Feldman has not been able to get out of bed after the performance his new song “Go 4 It” on the Today show Friday…

Corey Feldman Returns To TODAY, Defends Viral ‘Go 4 It’ Performance | TODAY

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Corey Feldman returns to TODAY following his much-discussed performance of the song “Go 4 It” in September. Speaking with Tamron Hall on Thursday, Feldman says…

Corey Feldman Cries in FB Live Video Defending 'Today Show' Performance

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Corey Feldman and the Angels have not had a great week. Since a semi-disastrous performance Friday on the Today Show, in which Feldman gathered a…

WTF Is Wrong With Corey Feldman? (VIDEO)

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Corey Feldman dressed like a warlock and performed a song with angels on the Today show. Grace Baldridge, Hasan Piker, and Jason L. Carter, hosts…

Corey Feldman - Take A Stand Live on Today Show Cringe Commentary

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Corey Feldman - Take A Stand Live on Today Show Cringe Commentary Corey Feldman - Go 4 It (ft. Doc Ice) - Live on Today…

Corey Feldman Today Show On Hollywood Pedophilia. (Give Me $$$) #PIZZAGATE #PEDOGATE

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Aired 10-30-2017 Quit asking for money, no one wants to see your film. We want to save the children. You should be willing to sacrifice…

Pink Stands Up For Corey Feldman

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Corey Feldman's bizarre performance on the "Today" show last week is winning kudos from at least one pop star. Pink has tweeted a message of…

Corey Feldman Deleted Facebook Video: Cries After Bizarre Today Show 'Go 4 It' Performance

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The best reason not to vote for Hillary Clinton, summarized in a convenient 7 minute 55 second video. Corey Feldman Leaves Voicemail for an "Angel":…

Corey Feldman and the Angels perform ‘ Take A Stand ‘ live on TODAY - Brittany Paige on guitar

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Corey Feldman and the Angels performing "Take a Stand" live on the Today show, with DJ Courtney Anne, Brittany Paige on lead guitar, Christine Carol…

The Bonfire - Corey Feldman Performance

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Audio from The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson, Dan Soder and Sal Vulcano - September 19, 2016

Comedians React to Corey Feldman’s Musical Performances

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Audio from the Jim & Sam show featuring Anthony Cumia, and the Joe Rogan Experience featuring Greg Fitzsimmons reacting to video clips of Corey Feldman…

Corey Feldman talks Corey Haim, Michael Jackson & music career on THE TALK

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Corey Feldman was recently interviewed on The Talk explaining the backlash reactions to his new song, his career as a musician throughout his career, the…

Corey Feldman on Howard Stern, 1992

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Corey Feldman sings a tuneful tune on Howard Stern's Channel 9 Show in 1992 (believe it's titled "What's Up with the Youth").

The Illuminati's Final Warning for Corey Feldman! (2017-2018)

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Facebook Page: ILLUMINATI MESSAGE FROM COREY FELDMAN... corey feldman shocking confession 2017 2018 today news jason a entertainment industry hollywood LINK to Corey Feldman's…