Dugout shelter - Video clip


How to Build A Wilderness Survival Shelter, Dugout Shelter

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Primitive Lifeways joins Shawn Kelly to construct a dugout shelter. If you enjoy this video hit the THUMBS UP BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE to us on…

Modified Dugout Shelter

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Old video of a dugout shelter...........Demo only

Primitive winter dugout shelter with fire cave II

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Fremont Native American Pit Shelter

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Climbing in a pit shelter to take a closer look at the construction. A fascinating structure that immediately exemplified its benefits.

Long term shelter

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me and my friend building a long term shelter with fireplace.

Dugout house WW2 Relics

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A WW2 relic, an earth lodge deep in the forest in Finland. A secret location in its own time. This dug-out accomodated several conscientious objectors…

Dugout shelter with fire ,progress

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Primitive underground shelter with fireplace .

DOOMSDAY BUNKER newest update; Time to DIG again.

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I have worked seven days in a row and I can see that my hole is much more organized. I chased the rodents out of…

Survival Shelter- Basic Scout Pit

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Check our other shelters at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC_SQo7O18s or Visit us online at http://www.primitiveskills.com At the Scout Basic course build a survival shelter emphasizing low profile.

Primitive winter dugout shelter with fire pit

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Fire place in use

Ultimate Bug Out Shelter

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Watch in 1080p HD.. :) The Place I've chosen for End of the World Bug Out or WWIII Hide Out Must Watch... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPKBjL3nB0o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WROvDzwl-u4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFXjJ6OMZAQ…

Primitive winter dugout shelter sight location

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Underground introduction


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Finding something that you think is a secret makes the finding all the better. If it wasn't for the excitement of discovering something hidden, we…

Dug-Out shelter

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Found this by my house.

Dugout (shelter)

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Dugout (shelter) A dugout or dug-out, also known as a pit-house, earth lodge, mud hut, is a shelter for humans or domesticated animals and livestock…

Half Earth Shelter- part 1

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http://elementmountain.com This is part 1 of an instructional video of how to build a Half Earth Shelter. This video is brought to you by Element…

Sand Dug out

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When faced with a sandstorm or when intense heat forces you to relax in the desert, find the leeward side of a dune and dig…

The Log Shelter - Part 1

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This shelter is built entirely without rope or string, and with an ax as the only tool. Remember to watch part 2.