Dylan farrow full interview - Video clip


Dylan Farrow speaks out in exclusive interview

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Dylan Farrow is speaking out in her first TV interview about the allegations that she was molested as a child by adoptive father, Woody Allen.…

Dylan Farrow details her sexual assault allegations against Woody Allen

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Only on "CBS This Morning," Dylan Farrow is speaking candidly for the first time on television about her sexual assault allegations against her adoptive father,…

Dylan Farrow's Emotional Interview To Gayle King About Allegations Against Her Father Woody Allen

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Dylan Farrow's full interview with Gayle King aired today on "CBS This Morning" and it is emotional, raw and intense. At one point, Gayle shows…

Dylan Farrow Repeats Woody Allen Accusations in Graphic Detail: 'I Was Sexually Assaulted'

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Dylan Farrow Repeats Woody Allen Accusations in Graphic Detail: 'I Was Sexually Assaulted'

Dylan Farrow Speaks Out About Woody Allen | ET CANADA LIVE

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Dylan Farrow speaks out about her sexual assault allegations against her dad, Woody Allen. Justin Timberlake releases a new video, while Prince William reveals a…

Dylan Farrow on Woody Allen: "Why shouldn't I want to bring him down?"

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In her first television interview, Dylan Farrow addresses the alleged sexual abuse by her adoptive father, Woody Allen. For 25 years, Farrow has insisted Allen…

Dylan Farrow on Time's Up, actors who work with Woody Allen

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Dylan Farrow says she's felt ignored for years after alleging her adoptive father Woody Allen sexually abused her. Allen has denied the accusations and has…

Dylan Farrow Breaks Down After Detailing Woody Allen Sexual Assault Allegations

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More from Entertainment Tonight: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdtXPiqI2cLorKaPrfpKc4g?sub_confirmation=1 Allen's 32-year-old adoptive daughter spoke out in her first TV interview on Thursday's 'CBS This Morning'

Ronan Farrow Faced Intimidation While Exposing Harvey Weinstein

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Journalist Ronan Farrow describes the road to publishing allegations about Ronan Farrow, which included pressure from Weinstein's lawyers and media outlets unwilling to publish his…

Barbara Walters Defends Woody Allen

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Barbara Walters vehemently defends Woody Allen for the recent allegations he may have molested Dylan Farrow.

Dylan Farrow describes how Woody Allen allegedly molested her

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Dylan Farrow opens up to "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King about her allegations that she was sexually abused by her father Woody Allen Click…

Woody Allen's Ex-Girlfriend Assesses Allegations

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Following Dylan Farrow's recent open letter, alleging that Woody Allen sexually assaulted her as a little girl, ET caught up with Allen's ex Stacey Nelkin,…

Dylan Farrow tells story of abuse

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Dan Abrams joins Brian Stelter to discuss Dylan Farrow's recent open letter about Woody Allen's alleged abuse. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/ To license video…

Ronan Farrow on exposing Harvey Weinstein

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At 29, Ronan Farrow wasn't even born when Harvey Weinstein is alleged to have begun sexually harassing and assaulting women. Yet Farrow was able to…

Dylan Farrow on her Woody Allen sex abuse allegations: "I am telling the truth"

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In her first television interview, Dylan Farrow is standing by her claims that her adoptive father, Woody Allen, sexually assaulted her when she was a…

Woody Allen defends himself on 60 Minutes in '92

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In 1992, Woody Allen gave a no-holds-barred interview to Steve Kroft to defend himself against accusations by Mia Farrow that Allen molested their then-7-year-old daughter…

Dylan Farrow: Woody Allen sexually assaulted me as a child

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Actor Dylan Farrow is repeating her claim that Woody Allen — her adopted father— sexually assaulted her as a child. Farrow previously made the claims…

Dylan Farrow's Brother Defends Woody Allen's Innocence

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This has turned into 'he said, she said.' Woody Allen's daughter claims he molested her when she was seven. But now his son speaks out,…