Earthquake in kuwait - Video clip


Earthquake 12.11.2017 Kuwait , Iraq , Iran , UAE

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An EARTHQUAKE Just Hit Kuwait. My LIVE Reaction | Mangaf

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Earthquake! I was sitting here in my apartment in Kuwait filming a Weight Watchers video when an earthquake hit. Turns out the earthquake hit Iraq,…

7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Iran Iraq and Kuwait ! 11/12/2017 (First Footage)

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Earthquake hits Kuwait, Iraq,Iran and northern Saudi Arabia

Earthquake in kuwait -2017

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Earthquake in Kuwait

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Official Video Statement (Kuwait) : Earthquake in Kuwait

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Earthquake in Kuwait , Iran, Iraq

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This Earthquake Happened in Iran,Kuwait,Mexico & Will Happen in America?

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Earthquake update november 13,2017 in Iran,Iraq border and Kuwait

Earthquake felt UAE, Kuwait, Iran and Iraq

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Earthquake in kuwait

Earthquake in Kuwait 12-11-2017

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O my God

earthquake in Kuwait 12/11/2017 9 pm

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earthquake in Kuwait 12/11/2017 9 pm

Kuwait Earthquake Latest News 2017

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Earthquake in kuwait.. aftershock of the quake..not actual footage

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They feel at 9.21pm.. now I'm at mahboula .. i was outside eating in seaside ,,didnt feel anything..

Earthquake in Kuwait 12-11-2017

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குவைதில் நிலநடுக்கம் *

Kuwait earthquake 7.2. Today 12-11-2017 in (Jaleeb)

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Kuwait earthquake 7.2 magnitude__Today 12-11-2017 kuwait Earthquake 7.2 yesturday At 9.22PM

Earthquake in Kuwait

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Earthquake happened in first time Kuwait 2017 November 12th

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