Ellen degeneres father - Video clip


Ellen Pays Tribute to Her Late Father

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Ellen paid tribute to her late father Elliott, and talked about an unmistakable sign over the Warner Bros. studio lot.

Ellen DeGeneres Reveals Her Father Passed Away At Age 92: See Her Moving Tribute

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Ellen DeGeneres has shared a heartbreaking loss. The talk show host revealed on Thursday's "Ellen" that her father, Elliott, died recently at age 92. Watch…

Happy Birthday, Mama!

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Ellen celebrated her mama's 85th birthday with this fond look back at her favorite moments.

Ellen DeGeneres (Sexual abuse, Coming Out, Oscars)

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Barbara Walters interviews Ellen, host of 79th Annual Academy Awards. (2007) Enjoy the 240p quality folks.

An Exceptional Pair of Parents Meets Ellen

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Rob and Reece are wonderful dads of four kids. They started a nonprofit that's improving the lives of children in the foster care system. Ellen…

Ellen DeGeneres honored her late father in a moving tribute

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The talk show host and beloved comedian has not only faced the devastation around her home in Montecito after mudslides, but she's mourning the loss…

Adorable Singing Father-Daughter Duo Performs 'You've Got a Friend in Me'!

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After 4-year-old Claire and her dad Dave's web video stole hearts around the world with more than 150 million views online, they came to Ellen's…

Ellen DeGeneres' father dead: Talk show host reveals dad Elliot has died aged 92

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[title] ELLEN DeGeneres confirmed the loss of her Father Elliott earlier this week as she paid a moving tribute to him. Source: https://www.ok.co.uk/tv/1273900/ellen-degeneres-confirms-father-dad-elliott-died-dead-death-age-rainbow-story-goodbye-proud-video Thanks for…

Ellen Meets Alabama Hero Dad Nathan Mathis

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Ellen sat down with Nathan Mathis, whose gay daughter took her life. Nathan protested against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore the night before he lost…

The Heartbreaking Loss That Changed Ellen DeGeneres' Life | Oprah’s Master Class | OWN

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When Ellen DeGeneres was in her 20s, she suffered a loss that shifted her focus in life. One night, Ellen says she fought with her…

Ellen DeGeneres’ Father Dies At The Age Of 92

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Ellen DeGeneres’ Father Dies At The Age Of 92 This week has been an incredibly tough one for the usually upbeat talk show host, Ellen…

Nicole Kidman on Her Father

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She was here to talk with Ellen after the passing of her father. She opened up about her journey, and about her incredible husband, Keith…

Heartbreaking News for Ellen DeGeneres - She Reveals That Her Father

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During the latest episode of The Ellen DeGeneres show on the 11th of January, Ellen revealed that her father had died. The 59-year-old TV host…

Ellen's Surprise for Wonderful New Dads

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Justin and Adam recently received three times the joy they were planning for, and Ellen gave them three times the surprises!

Jennifer Aniston's Soap Opera Reunion with Her Dad

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It was a star-studded cast for Ellen's soap opera "The Tales of our Yesterday's Tomorrows," with Ellen, Jennifer Aniston and Portia de Rossi! But there…

Too-Cute Singing Father-Daughter Duo Performs 'How Far I'll Go'!

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Their web video swept the Internet off its feet, they made their Ellen debut, and now 4-year-old Claire and her dad Dave have returned for…

Ellen DeGeneres' Father departure forever:'There Was Not One Bone of in His Body'

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Ellen DeGeneres' Father Elliot Dies at 92: 'There Was Not One Bone of Judgment in His Body' Subscribe to the channel at: https://goo.gl/zqvccU My second…

Ellen Degeneres interviews Father Kelly

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Check out Father Kelly on Dr. Phil here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgA-B61Llo0&feature=youtu.be Or if you're more an Ellen Degeneres type, this might be what you're looking for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFgYLRQyfpQ&feature=youtu.be