Ellen degeneres father and daughter dancing - Video clip


Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Father and Daughter

585.39K Views6 Downloads

My daughter and I dancing to the whip spending quality time together and just having a great time for Father's Day. on Facebook this video…

Justin Bieber trying to do The Nae Nae Dance on Ellen show

3.93M Views4 Downloads

Justin Bieber is trying to do The Nae Nae Dance on Ellen show and he is so good at it!

Adorable Singing Father-Daughter Duo Performs 'You've Got a Friend in Me'!

8.52M Views17 Downloads

After 4-year-old Claire and her dad Dave's web video stole hearts around the world with more than 150 million views online, they came to Ellen's…

Daddy-Daughter Dance-Off! | The Queen Latifah Show

3.45M Views3 Downloads

London and daughter Lil' London became viral sensations with their choreographed dance routine, watch as they show off their moves on the Big Sexy stage.…

Hit The Quan Father and Daughter

18.35K Views3 Downloads

My daughter and I are back at it again!!!We had so much fun and have had so many requests for a new video. We found…

Ellen's Favorite Father Daughter Dance

683.96K Views11 Downloads

Surprise Father Daughter dance at Gudely/Holt Wedding 3-16-13

Ellen's Astounding Anaconda Dancer

49.06M Views11 Downloads

She's only 11 years old, but she can really bust a move! Ellen had a very talented young dancer and her choreographer perform on the…

Ellen Surprises Military Mom and Daughter

1.93M Views9 Downloads

Ellen surprised Vanessa Villegas and her 5-year-old daughter Ellie with some virtual face time with Vanessa's husband, U.S. Army Pvt. David Villegas, who has been…

Alec Baldwin's Adorable Family

905.93K Views8 Downloads

The actor told Ellen about raising three young kids, and shared a dance on stage with a special guest.

Too-Cute Singing Father-Daughter Duo Performs 'How Far I'll Go'!

5.98M Views10 Downloads

Their web video swept the Internet off its feet, they made their Ellen debut, and now 4-year-old Claire and her dad Dave have returned for…

Performing on Ellen

80.04K Views8 Downloads

You first watched us "Whip Nae Nae,” on ellentube and then we danced on the show! Now, I'm sharing my experience on meeting Ellen and…

Channing Tatum on His Daughter

4.24M Views18 Downloads

From her sleeping habits to her taste in music, new dad Channing Tatum told Ellen about his daughter and parenthood!

Justin Bieber on The Ellen Show surprising a fan

3.45M Views6 Downloads

After Austynn and her dad got to perform with Silentó, Ellen had another celebrity surprise just for them! Wait until you see who was waiting…

Kid Dancer Tavaris Jones Performs!

356.84K Views6 Downloads

One of Ellen’s favorite kid dancers, Tavaris Jones, returned to the show, and the 5-year-old charmed the audience with another impressive performance. For more Shutterfly…

4-Year-old Claire and Her Dad Perform 'You'll Be in My Heart'

2.65M Views1 Downloads

The singing father-daughter duo that makes hearts melt is back to perform their new favorite Disney song.

Heaven Does It Again

27.86M Views4 Downloads

The adorable, pint-sized dancer was back with her mom for another astounding performance worthy of Beyoncé herself! Take a look.

Lori's Suprise Father/Daughter Dance for Ellen Degeneres

2.48K Views6 Downloads

My dad wanted to do a Surprise Father/Daughter dance with me for my wedding on July 14th. I made it up and we spent months…

Bindi Irwin Breaks Down During Emotional Tribute To Her Late Father, Steve Irwin

4.37M Views8 Downloads

Bindi Irwin Breaks Down During Emotional Tribute To Her Late Father, Steve Irwin The theme on last night's episode of Dancing With The Stars was…

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