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Veterans Eric Greitens And Jake Wood Continue Serving

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Subjects of the book "Charlie Mike" by Joe Klein, Eric Greitens and Jake Wood talk about how they've continued serving after returning home.

Eric Greitens 05/27/11 | Charlie Rose

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Eric Greitens, former U.S. Navy SEAL and author of the book "The Heart and the Fist" SUBSCRIBE to get the latest from Charlie Rose:…

Join Jon Stewart on The Daily Show & Support The Mission Continues

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Enter to win at: You can be Jon Stewart's next guest on The Daily Show. If picked, you and a friend will: - Get…

Eric Greitens Dismantles Career Politicians In 90 Seconds

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Eric Greitens lays out the best argument you’ve probably ever heard of why it’s time to dump career politicians and look to outsiders for solutions.

Racist or Not? How TV News Reacted to Trump’s Comment

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After President Trump used vulgar language about immigrants, TV news grappled with a question: Were his comments racist? Read the story here: More from…

The Daily Show - The Jon Stewart Mysteries Presents: The Case of the Iranian Agent!

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney makes an ironic assertion about the legacy and burden of President Obama's administration. Watch full episodes of The Daily Show…

Spike Lee Talks "Chi-Raq," Gun Control And More

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Spike Lee stopped by to talk about his new film, the need for reasonable gun control laws, and whether or not sex strikes can really…

The Eric Farris Show Talks About Eric Greitens' Odd Behavior

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Marine Capt. Jon Kuniholm speaks @ the 2008 DNC

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Marine Capt. Jon Kuniholm speaks at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Brunner sends message to young people in concession speech

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In conceding the Republican gubernatorial primary to Eric Greitens, St. Louis businessman John Brunner told his younger supporters to look for the next challenge. Subscribe…

Eric Greitens will be inaugurated tomorrow

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Expect the economy to be front and center in Greitens’s administration. ◂ 41 Action News, KSHB, brings you the latest news, weather and investigative reports…

Eric Greitens: Mission Continues

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Find out more about Eric Greitens and his campaign for governor at

Eric Greitens are you serious? Really? Really?

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This guy is running for Missouri Governor. He has no plan and makes false claims. All of the republicans ran negative adds about each other.…

Thanksgiving Is The Most Politically Divisive Meal Of The Year

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Is your Thanksgiving dinner served with a side of political controversy? You bet your sweet potatoes, it is. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE:…

We Will Win

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Lincoln Days Forum - February 27th. Learn more at

Eric Greitens gets backing ... from his mom

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A fairy creative ad in the MO governor's race.

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