Inauguration - Video clip


Will Michael Moore successfully disrupt the inauguration?

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'Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man' co-author David Hardy on the filmmaker’s plans to disrupt the inauguration.

This inauguration, usually a time for unity, defies precedent

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Tamara Keith of NPR and Susan Page of USA Today join Judy Woodruff to discuss what to expect from Donald Trump’s inauguration, a war of…

Joe the Plumber on inauguration protests, pay gap

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'Joe the Plumber' Joe Wurzelbacher on Bikers for Trump's plans for inauguration day protests and the blue collar pay gap.

Art of the deal: Trump talks trade ahead of inauguration

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Correspondent Peter Doocy reports from New York

Huckabee’s pre-inauguration advice to Trump

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Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) on President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

This congressman is boycotting the inauguration

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Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Calif.) on his decision to not attend President-elect Trump's inauguration.

Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration

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Donate: Website: Facebook: Twitter: In this video, Project Veritas investigators uncover a group known as the DC Anti-fascist Coalition plotting to…

WHAT Is Happening To President Donald Trump's Inauguration ?! (2017)

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WHAT Is Happening To President Donald Trump's Inauguration ?! (2017) Share The Video & Subscribe To Stay Updated ! Follow Me On Twitter @3CreepyTV

What To Expect During Trump's Historic Inauguration

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Lee Ann McAdoo and Owen Shroyer break down what the elite and the left are planning for Trump's inauguration and what you can expect from…

Inauguration: What you DON'T know

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From Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower to Barack Obama, find out who got lassoed and who was the last president to wear a stovepipe hat. Watch…

Sharpton kicks off week of inauguration protests in DC

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Matt Finn reports on anti-Trump activists who plan on disrupting the inauguration

Jennifer Holliday, Paul Anka Back Out Of Trump Inauguration Performance

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The inauguration is only four days away and celebrities are dropping out of the presidential ceremony. Singer Paul Anka was supposed to perform his classic…

Trump inauguration boycott grows after John Lewis feud

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Both Democrats and Republicans are skipping Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony on January 20. Most notably is civil rights icon and Georgia Congressman John Lewis, who…

Trump feuds with many as Inauguration looms

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Days before his Inauguration, Trump becomes entangled in feuds with a civil rights icon, the CIA, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and NATO.

Inside the effort to secure President-elect Trump's inauguration

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Donald Trump will be inaugurated as president in just four days, but security preparations and planning have been underway for months. Inaugurations are always difficult…

Full Show - Liberal Protestors Plan Inauguration Protest ‘With A Bang’ - 01/16/2017

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On this Monday, January 16th 2016 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we explain why this is one of the most pivotal weeks in American…

Inauguration week begins with controversy

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Donald Trump kicked off inauguration week with a closed-door meeting with Martin Luther King III while comments he made about NATO and German Chancellor Angela…

Trump insults civil rights legend, 31 US officials vow to skip inauguration

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Congressman and civil rights movement icon John Lewis (D-Georgia) deemed President-elect Donald Trump “illegitimate,” owing his electoral triumph to Russia. Lewis vowed not to attend…