Interviews with serial killers - Video clip


Serial Killer Joel Rifkin Interview With FBI Profiler Mark Safarik

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Joel David Rifkin (born January 20, 1959) is an American serial killer convicted of the murders of nine women (although it is believed he killed…

Interview With A Serial Killer (Documentary) - Real Stories

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There is no doubt that Arthur Shawcross is a psychopath. Found guilty of killing 2 children and 11 prostitutes his tales of cannibalism and mutilation…

5 Most Disturbing SERIAL KILLER Interviews On Camera

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Hey guys, thanks for watching these 5 Most Disturbing SERIAL KILLER Interviews On Camera, i hope you all enjoyed this video and if you did…

The Night Stalker Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Interview

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Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Is Interviewed By A Aggressive Interviewer LOL !!!!

"Interviews With Serial Killers"

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Short Segment of Real Serial Killers

4 Extremely Disturbing Serial Killer, Cult Leader & Serial Rapist Interviews

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Although most people consider psychopaths to be inherently evil or at least devoid of humanity, there is no doubting people aren't interested in them, mainly…

Confessions of a Serial Killer

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Israel Keyes is linked to eight murders, and police say he calmly described how he chose his victims

Serial Killer John Hughes Full Exclusive Interview From Jail

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Documentary TV is an English language documentary channel. It features online documentaries about crime , violence , murders, cases, serial killers , America,Russia and world.…

Ted Bundy's Last Interview

2.87M Views15 Downloads Serial Killer Ted Bundy shares his last interview before being executed.

Best Serial Killer interview Richard Ramirez speaks from prison:I am evil

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The serial killer dubbed the Night Stalker, who terrorized Los Angeles in the mid-1980s, speaks from prison.

Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer Interview With Stone Phillips (Last Interview) (1994)

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25 Years Ago Today Jeffrey Dahmer Was Captured . In 1994 Dahmer Was Killed In Prison Add Me On Facebook

Police interview of serial killer Stephen Port

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Police interviews with GHB serial killer Stephen Port. Port was convicted of the murders of Anthony Walgate, Gabriel Kovari, Daniel Whitworth and Jack Taylor in…

Atlanta Child Murderer Speaks

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Wayne Williams still says he innocent.

The Serial Killers Henry Lee Lucas features Rare Interview

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top The Serial Killers Henry Lee Lucas features Rare Interview documentaire national geographic

Interview with Serial Killer Gary Ridgeway

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Gary Leon Ridgway (born February 18, 1949) is an American serial killer known as the Green River Killer. He was initially convicted of 48 separate…

10 Real Serial Killer Documentary Top 10 Killer interviews

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Compilation of 10 Serial Killer Interviews. TOP 10 Serial Killer Documentaries. Real killer confession footage. Here is a list: #10 Dennis Lynn Rader He is…

Serial Killer Personal Interviews

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Interesting and personal interviews taken with some of our more famous and well know killers like Aileen Wournos, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and others…

Tommy Lynn Sells - The Mind of a Psychopath | Nightline | ABC News

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A look at why serial killers lack remorse after slaying their victims. Dan Abrams sits down with Tommy Lynn Sells. SUBSCRIBE for the latest news…