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Why IXL is the worst site ever.

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Today I'm showing you why IXL stinks. It sucks so much it doesn't give me the right answer even tho I answer D:. music: Vision…

How to Use IXL.com

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A quick overview of how I use IXL for math homework.


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I hope this vid helps. it lets you do Ixl in 4th the time!

Math IXL

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IXL Gets In Dead Meat (CLEAN)

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Created at http://goanimate.com/

IXL Classroom Spotlight: Spring Valley Elementary School

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Take a look inside Mr. Wheeler’s 4th grade classroom to see how IXL is getting students excited about practicing math!


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IXL - Quick Tutorial for Teachers

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In this short tutorial, you will see how to use IXL to motive students to practice on their own as well as how to get…

Unlimited practice attempts on ixl

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Ixl is a learning site which has a limited set of practice attempts. Today I will be showing you guys how to practice without making…

IXL Free

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IXL Tour

IXL Science Challenge: Biology

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Can you answer these trivia questions about biology?

How to use IXL Math app for iPad

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Assignment 6 for Advanced iPad integration for the Classroom


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Hey guys, its Skool Rekt here, back with another video to make your life a LOT easier. Me and my friend decided to create this…

Jayden Does A IXL Math Test And Gets A Reward!

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Created at http://goanimate.com/

How to get 100 on a IXL

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Too lazy to write a description :/ Tags: IXl Hack

Using IXL in the Homeschool | IXL Math & Down syndrome

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We use IXL for math practice. I have Maria doing preschool, while Joseph and Peter both do Kindergarten. Today's vlog is just a peek into…

I Hate IXL!

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https://www.ixl.com/ is my nightmare. If you want to know why go to the link.

Discover the IXL Continuous Diagnostic!

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With its groundbreaking approach, IXL's Continuous Diagnostic empowers students and provides teachers with information that’s always accurate and up to date, transforming assessment into something…