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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Accidently Revealed Baby's Gender

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Jeffrey talks about accidentally revealing the gender of his baby, and Jimmy asks him whether or not he will be playing Batman. Lies, Camera, Action!…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Thinks Norman Reedus is a Creeper

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Jeffrey talks about his tattoo fail, his friendship with Norman Reedus, and reveals why he thinks Norman is a creeper. Lies, Camera, Action! – Dirty…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Funny Moments!

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Jeffrey dean Morgan Cute & Funny moments. Subscribe to us for more fandom videos! We post: Teen Wolf Riverdale Supernatural The Flash The Walking Dead…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Discusses His Role On "The Walking Dead"

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Fans of “The Walking Dead” will be excited to hear that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is stopping by to discuss his role as Negan in the…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Matt LeBlanc Can't Control Their Potty Mouths

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James asks Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Matt LeBlanc about the struggle to keep a clean mouth around their kids. "Subscribe To ""The Late Late Show""…

How Andrew Lincoln Broke Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Nose On-Set | E! Live from the Red Carpet

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The "Walking Dead" costars dish on their intense fight scenes and budding bromance on the hit series. Plus, Andrew tells how he accidentally broke Jeffrey's…

This or That: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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While backstage at The Tonight Show, Jeffrey Dean Morgan answers fan-submitted "This or That" scenarios about farting confetti, taking peanut butter baths and being stuck…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead

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Jeffrey reveals the downside of shooting 'The Walking Dead' at night. Lies, Camera, Action! – Dirty Old Granny SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL:…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reacts to Ben Affleck's Apology to 'Brave' Wife Hilarie Burton (Exclusive)

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More from Entertainment Tonight: ET caught up with Jeffrey Dean Morgan at 'The Walking Dead' 100th episode celebration in Los Angeles and the actor…

Talking Dead with Jeffery Dean Morgan/Negan

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The Talking Dead

Halle Berry & Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talk Letterman, Selfies

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After James shows a clip of Halle Berry's first Letterman appearance, she takes a selfie with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Subscribe To "The Late Late Show"…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Owns a Candy Shop with Paul Rudd

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan explains how he ended up buying Samuel's Sweet Shop with Paul Rudd to preserve an Upstate New York staple. Subscribe NOW to…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Accidentally Reveals His Baby's Gender NJCon 2017

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Credit to RhiannonNymph for NJ con footage: Credit To Apromit for JIBcon footage: SUBSCRIBE: SUPPORT the channel: FOLLOW me On Facebook:…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Joining The Walking Dead - Late Night with Seth Meyers

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan chats with Seth about his The Walking Dead character. » Subscribe to Late Night: » Get more Late Night with Seth…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Panel - NJcon 2017

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JDM appeared at the New Jersey Supernatural Convention in 2017. Unfortunately because of his filming schedule and his flight, he couldn't do his full panel.…

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a fever.

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a fever.

Priyanka Chopra With Jeffrey Dean Morgan @ GoldenGlobes Awards

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Priyanka Chopra Giving Interview backstage @ GoldenGlobes Awards with hollywood American Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Watch Full Video And Subscribe, Share, comment on Video -…

THE EMMY'S 2017 | Jeffrey Dean Morgan rocks announcement blunder | FOX

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The Emmy's zag je dit jaar ook weer tegelijkertijd met Amerika bij FOX! Jeffrey Dean Morgan is zó charmant, dat zijn blunders hem direct vergeven…