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Rep. John Conyers: Why I Am Suing President Trump

6.64K Views4 Downloads - Nearly 200 Democratic congressmembers are suing President Trump, accusing him of violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution by accepting millions of dollars…

Jeff Sessions NEARLY LAUGHS as Rep. John Conyers Reads Hilarious Trump Tweets

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eff Sessions NEARLY LAUGHS as Rep. John Conyers Reads Hilarious Trump Tweets


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rep. john conyers destroys trump compares him to nixon as jeff session looks on

Al Franken and John Conyers Both Resign; Franken Deflects To Trump & Moore Allegations (REACTION)

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Al Franken, SNL alum and the current...soon to be former Senator from Minnesota has announced his resignation from the United States Senate. This comes after…

Roger Stone Discusses AG Sessions, John Conyers, AL Senate, Roy Moore, Trump FISA

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Roger Stone November 27th, 2017 Mr. Stone discusses a variety of topics including Judge Roy Moore and the Alabama Senate race, John Conyers, the Trump…

The resignation of Al Franken and John Conyers +Donald Trump, the pussy grabber, still President?

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Don't you see, it's all a mockery? Read more here: Read even more here: THANK YOU TRUTH SEEKERS - Support Zachary…

Pelosi Defends Clinton, Conyers, Franken; Attacks Trump, Calls Moore ‘a Child Molester’

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Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) defended former President Bill Clinton, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Rep. John Conyers…

Why Rep. John Conyers Is An Icon And Why He Should Leave Congress | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., stepped down as the ranking Democratic member of the House Judiciary Committee on Sunday, following sexual harassment accusations. Nancy Pelosi also…

John Conyers - rep. john conyers: why i am suing president trump

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John Conyers - "the avalanche" of revelation: john conyers, al franken, clinton & more to come. Born in 1929, Conyers from an early age saw…

Cerno Exposes John Conyers and Exposes Secret Congress Slush Fund

7.26K Views18 Downloads BitCoin: 1BTwSYqQPWvD7ZrFYevaJmLrT96KmDjcxW

Gutfeld on Nancy Pelosi's defense of John Conyers

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At least Nancy Pelosi is consistent in her hypocrisy.

Rep. John Conyers Accuser Reveals Her Identity, Alleges Sexual Misconduct By Him | TODAY

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In a TODAY exclusive, Marion Brown, who says she was fired for refusing to go along with Rep. John Conyers’ repeated sexual advances, is joined…

Ben Shapiro - The Real Reason Why Nancy Pelosi Threw John Conyers Under The Bus

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Ben Shapiro explains the real reason behind Minority house leader Nancy Pelosi's decision to throw John Conyers under the bus and demand his resignation. Credit:the…

John Conyers: Hillary Should Hold Press Conferences All The Time

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John Conyers at the Democratic National Convention:

Rep. Rice calls on John Conyers to resign amid sexual allegation

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The Conservative millennial Allie Beth Stuckey on LaVar Ball not thanking President Trump for helping his son avoid prison time and Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY)…

John Conyers RESIGNS from Congress amid sex scandal accusations

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John Conyers has finally resigned. But he calls it "retirement." Another Democrat bites the dust... Stay informed. Read and

Trump's Gutsy Jerusalem Call | The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. 431

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Trump calls Jerusalem Israel's capital, the Roy Moore controversy gets even uglier, and everything you need to know about John Conyers and the Kingdom of…

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