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Katie Couric Reveals What Amy Schumer Left Out of Her Anal Prank Text Story

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Katie Couric explains how she ended up swapping hosting duties with Jay Leno for The Tonight Show in 2003 and why she's mad at Amy…

3 Reasons Katie Couric Thinks Dutch People Skate to Work #NBCFail | GSUSE

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3 Reasons Katie Couric Thinks Dutch People Skate to Work #NBCFail | 'United States of Europe.' Dear Katie Couric, don't let people tease you. We…

Katie Couric Reveals Netherlands Speed Skating Secrets

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Special thanks to Austin Powers, Batman & Robin, Harley Quinn (who is Tanya Harding!), and William the Ist. And his glorious pantaloons. Katie Couric Is…

Katie Couric Breaks Her Silence On Matt Lauer's 'Today' Termination | Access Hollywood

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Katie Couric, who co-hosted the "Today" show from 1991 to 2006, replied to a commenter on her Instagram account when asked about Matt Lauer's firing…

Katie Couric Plays Two Truths and a Lie: Olympics Edition

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Katie Couric tells Jimmy about the Korean snail mask she wants to try while in Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics and plays an Olympics-themed version…

Katie Couric - Craig Is Not Holding Back - Only Time On The Show [720p]

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"What is wrong with you?" She asks Craig after he does a few sexual comments after one another. It's great entertainment. Enjoy!

Katie Couric Pranks James Corden

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As James introduces his guests for The Late Late Show on April Fools Day, Katie Couric takes an ugly fall down the stairs of Studio…


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USA BREAKING NEWS TODAY This morning, the media world was rocked when longtime NBC anchor Matt Lauer was unexpectedly fired amid accusations he sexually assaulted…

"All you do is Slander" Ann Coulter DESTROY Katie Couric

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"All you do is Slander" Ann Coulter DESTROY Katie Couric Subscribe to 50 Stars: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLfU0s7hrfgKs11YWUwSimA

Katie Couric Becomes SHAME of the Nation after NBC Olympics Does UNTHINKABLE to South Korea

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Matt Lauer Used To Pinch Katie Couric's Butt

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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly in conversation with Katie Couric

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The FOX News host talks about her parents, overcoming adversity, and battling Donald Trump. She is interviewed on stage by Yahoo news anchor Katie Couric…

What Katie Couric Said About Matt Lauer

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On Wednesday, NBC News fired Today Show host Matt Lauer. Lauer's firing comes after a complaint from a colleague accusing him of "inappropriate sexual behavior."…

Katie Couric Skimms The Olympics

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There’s a lot going on during the Olympics in Pyeongchang. So we decided to phone a friend: Katie Couric (our fav former Today show anchor).…

Howard Stern Leaves Katie Couric Speechless!

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One quality that makes Howard Stern so unique is his incredible ability to get guests on his show to reveal intimate things about themselves. How…

Ann Coulter DESTROY Katie Couric In A HEATED Argument

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Ann Coulter and Katie Couric engage in heated argument Katie Couric gets destroyed.

Katie Couric Speaks Out on Matt Lauer's 'Painful' Firing from 'Today'

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The 61-year-old journalist has kept relatively quiet over her former co-worker being accused of sexual misconduct.

Katie Couric on Her Compelling Gender and Identity Documentary

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The groundbreaking journalist and anchor joined Ellen to discuss her informative new documentary that explores the gender and transgender revolution.