Landon donovan goal vs algeria - Video clip


Landon Donovan Game Winning Goal vs Algeria (World Cup 2010)

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With 90 minutes and 45 seconds gone Landon Donovan scores the game winning goal of his life against Algeria in the 2010 World Cup during…

The World's Reaction to Landon Donovan's Game Winning Goal

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Follow Me on Twitter! @RobbyDonoho Music: Jerry Goldsmith - Tryouts (From the movie RUDY) ---- Shown on ESPN's Year in Review! THE ORIGINAL VIDEO THAT…

Landon Donovan goal vs Algeria called by Andres Cantor

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Hi,this is my new video.Have fun watching Landon Donovan goal vs Algeria in 2010 WC called by Andres Cantor. I had to mix videos and…

Last-gasp Donovan saves USA on memorable night

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United States - Algeria, 2010 FIFA World Cup: Arguably the most dramatic moment in US soccer history, Landon Donovan's goal deep in injury time after…

Landon Donovan's goal against Algeria - 2010 World Cup

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Landon Donovan scored for the U.S. in injury time to give the Americans a stunning 1-0 win over Algeria at the World Cup. Brilliant call…

USA fans reaction to Landon Donovan's epic world cup goal (the goal that shook America)

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reaction to an epic moment in USA world cup football

Landon Donovan Goal vs Algeria Reaction

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Reaction of Landon Donovan's goal vs. Algeria in the World Cup at Freetail Brewing Co. in San Antonio, TX. June 23, 2010 Check out our…

The Universe's Reaction to Landon Donovan's Game Winning Goal

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Apparently other people watched the Donavan goal... ATTENTION: THIS IS THE ORIGINAL BUT WITH EDITS FROM MOVIES AND STUFF. Credits and Kudos to the original…

Landon Donovan goal vs. Algeria called by Andrés Cantor

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That amazing goal by Landon Donovan (U.S. vs Algeria, World Cup 2010) overlaid with commentary by legendary Andrés Cantor. Love the emotion from Andrés! So…

Donovan and Tim Howard's throw. Game Winning Goal (vs. Algeria) and Crowd Reaction

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Game winning goal for Donovan and Crowd Reaction. US vs. Algeria

GOL!!! Landon Donovan's Goal USA - Algeria World Cup 2010 - Spanish Feed

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Landon Donovan's goal against Algeria, courtesy of Univision. Futbol is always more exciting in the original Spanish! GOOOOOOOL!

USA vs Algeria Goal

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Most dramatic finish in 2010 World Cup

Landon Donovan's Goal English versus Spanish Comparison

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Landon Donovan's epic goal versus Algeria broadcasted in ESPN then dubbed over in Spanish by Andres Cantor on FDP Radio. This video will show how…

World Cup 2010 - Landon Donovan goal 1-0 USA vs. Algeria (USMNT Fan Reaction in Stadium)

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Landon Donovan's historic goal against Algeria during the third game of the group stage of the 2010 South Africa World Cup in Loftus Versfeld Stadium,…

Reaction to Landon Donovan Goal vs Algeria in Lincoln Nebraska 2010 World Cup

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Courtesy of TheTJarrett402 and the American Outlaws Supporters

Landon Donovan 57 Goals

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This is a compilation of all 57 goals credited to Landon Donovan in his USMNT tenure (through September of 2013). Check out his 58 ASSISTS…


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GO USA... My reaction to the goal by Landon Donovan in stoppage time.

USA vs Slovenia world cup 2010 landon donovan goal

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Donovan says "fuck this noise" and rips it top shelf