National kiss a ginger day - Video clip


Celebrate 'Kiss a Ginger Day!

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"Their fiery hair, pale skin, and bright eyes make redheads some of the most stunning people in the world. And on Friday, January 12, we…

The story behind "Kiss a Ginger Day"

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It's National Kiss A Ginger Day!

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Who's your favorite redhead?

How to celebrate National Kiss a Ginger Day

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'Kiss a ginger' remark by Chris Bryant baffles Speaker - BBC News

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Labour MP Chris Bryant drew baffled looks from colleagues - and John Bercow - when he wished the Commons Speaker a happy "kiss a ginger…

Happy National Kiss A Ginger Day

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National Kiss a Ginger Day

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Kiss a GINGER Day?! | Fantastic Fridays

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I don't carrot all about doing that. PATREON: WEBSITE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Music by Jacob Stanifer:

Kat on kiss a ginger day.

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Kissing Ginger for National Kiss a Ginger Day

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Nick finds out that Kiss a Ginger Day isn’t what he thought it was.

January 12th: National Kiss A Ginger Day

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Shela's going red this week so pucker up America. We are celebrating National Kiss A Ginger Day and you should too. They need it. #KissAGingerDay…

Kiss a Ginger Day: Kisses to Redheads Everywhere!

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International Kiss a Ginger Day was invented by a Facebook group in 2009 in order to combat another “holiday” previously created for harassing redheads, Kick…

Sam gaat ros voor Kiss A Ginger Day!

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Kiss a ginger day

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Kiss a Ginger Day Gets Some International Airtime

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Conan O'Brien, Scotland's STV, CTV's The Social and Comedy Central's @Midnight were a few of the media outlets that chimed in on "Kiss a Ginger…

Kiss a Ginger Day

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Aujourd'hui c'est Kiss a Ginger Day, j'avais pas l'choix! like et subscribe xxx suis-moi sur insta! **Music by Joakim Karud

Conan jokes about "Kiss a Ginger Day"

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Celebrated on January 12th every year. @Kiss_a_Ginger