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Trigger warnings and no-platforming at universities: DEBATE – BBC Newsnight

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Evan Davis is joined by journalist Paris Lees, the director of the Higher Education Policy Institute Nick Hillman, comedian Kate Smurthwaite, and Joshua Jackson, a…

Baby boomers v millennials: DEBATE - BBC Newsnight

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Have baby boomers robbed millennials of their future? Evan Davis discusses with Laura Gardiner from the Resolution Foundation, Dame Esther Rantzen the founder of The…

Should street grooming be framed as a Muslim problem? DEBATE – BBC Newsnight

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British Muslim Youth founder Muhbeen Hussain, anti-extremism campaigner Anira Khokhar, journalist Saba Zaman and filmmaker Mobeen Azhar debate the problem of street grooming in the…

Trump’s Jerusalem announcement: Interview with Mark Regev and Ghada Karmi – BBC Newsnight

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Following President Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Emily Maitlis speaks to Israel's Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev and Dr Ghada Karmi…

Should universities ban controversial speakers? Newsnight

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David Aaronovitch debates with Toke Dahler from the Leeds University Student Union * SUBSCRIBE to get our latest videos *

Newsnight's debate on sexual harassment featuring 14 men and three women

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BBC's Newsnight producers decided to have a panel of 14 men and three women in a debate on sexual harassment. They were there as part of…

What happens if the UK doesn’t get a deal on Brexit? DEBATE - BBC Newsnight

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What happens if the UK doesn’t get a deal on Brexit? Evan Davis is joined by Simon Fraser, Jill Rutter, Dia Chakravarty as well as…

Who can say what at university? – BBC Newsnight

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A generation of students is grappling with what is acceptable to say on campus, and what is not. From trigger warnings to no-platforming – is…

Ann Coulter and Laurie Penny debate 'fake news' - BBC Newsnight

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What is 'fake news' and how concerned should we be about it? Commentator Ann Coulter and writer Laurie Penny join Newsnight's Kirsty Wark to discuss.…

Paxman vs Russell Brand - full interview - BBC Newsnight

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Newsnight's Jeremy Paxman talks to Russell Brand about voting, revolution and beards, as he launches his guest edit for the New Statesman.

Is the UK one of the most sexist countries in the world? - Newsnight

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UN Special Rapporteur Rashida Manjoo says sexism is more in your face in the UK than in other countries. How bad is it? And is…

GE2017: Paul Mason and Iain Dale in bad tempered Newsnight debate

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Newsnight 2 June 2017 You can view my blog here: My other YouTube channels search for: "Still Incorrigible" & "Incorrigible Forever"

Neil Coyle and Peter Bone debate the 'utter falsehood' of migration figures - BBC Newsnight

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Official figures have revealed that the problem of non EU migrants overstaying their visas is not as big an issue as previously thought. Far fewer…

Was Paperchase right to apologise for advertising in the Daily Mail? DEBATE - BBC Newsnight

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Paperchase came under fire for advertising in the Daily Mail. Following a backlash on social media from the activist group Stop Funding Hate, Paperchase has…

Is satire the most effective opposition to Donald Trump? DEBATE - BBC Newsnight

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Is satire the most effective form of opposition to Donald Trump? Evan Davis discusses with comedian Ruby Wax, Scott Dikkers, founder-editor of The Onion, and…

Does size matter? Debate on the state - Newsnight

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Newsnight debate broadcast after 'Threads' and 'The 8th Day' (1984)

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Newsnight episode discussing nuclear war

2016: What a year it has been... Debate - BBC Newsnight

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UKIP's Suzanne Evans, writer and historian David Olusoga, commentator and columnist Peter Hitchens, and journalist Paris Lees, join Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark to discuss the big…

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