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Baby boomers v millennials: DEBATE - BBC Newsnight

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Have baby boomers robbed millennials of their future? Evan Davis discusses with Laura Gardiner from the Resolution Foundation, Dame Esther Rantzen the founder of The…

Trigger warnings and no-platforming at universities: DEBATE – BBC Newsnight

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Evan Davis is joined by journalist Paris Lees, the director of the Higher Education Policy Institute Nick Hillman, comedian Kate Smurthwaite, and Joshua Jackson, a…

Should universities ban controversial speakers? Newsnight

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David Aaronovitch debates with Toke Dahler from the Leeds University Student Union * SUBSCRIBE to get our latest videos *

Should street grooming be framed as a Muslim problem? DEBATE – BBC Newsnight

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British Muslim Youth founder Muhbeen Hussain, anti-extremism campaigner Anira Khokhar, journalist Saba Zaman and filmmaker Mobeen Azhar debate the problem of street grooming in the…

Is higher education worth the money students pay? Our panel discuss - BBC Newsnight

7.15K Views19 Downloads

Each August, A-level results day sparks scenes of joy and disappointment for teenagers across the UK before the scramble for university places begins. But this…

Is the UK one of the most sexist countries in the world? - Newsnight

15.34K Views20 Downloads

UN Special Rapporteur Rashida Manjoo says sexism is more in your face in the UK than in other countries. How bad is it? And is…

DEBATE: Who is the real Theresa May? - BBC Newsnight

8.77K Views11 Downloads

Kirsty Wark grapples with the Theresa May enigma and the prime minister's honeymoon period with Michael Cockerell, Deborah Mattinson, Polly Mackenzie and Harry Mount. Newsnight…

Matthew Perry debates drug courts with Peter Hitchens - BBC Newsnight

2M Views15 Downloads

Think-tank Policy Exchange is calling for more drugs courts - on which former addicts might sit as magistrates - in the UK and has met…

Is democracy in Hong Kong under threat? – BBC Newsnight

2.04K Views2 Downloads

Danny Vincent reports for Newsnight on activists in Hong Kong who say Beijing is encroaching on their democracy and that Britain is looking the other…

Do we take democracy for granted? Debate - BBC Newsnight

5.04K Views20 Downloads

Why do authoritarian leaders seem to be all the rage? Is that because of all the rage in the world? Evan Davis discusses with Professor…

Maajid Nawaz, Mehdi Hassan and Mo Ansar lock horns on BBC Newsnight

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Maajid Nawaz, Mehdi Hassan and Mohammed Ansar clash over Jesus and Mo tweet on Newsnight. Debate chaired by Jeremy Paxman. * SUBSCRIBE to get our…

GE2017: Paul Mason and Iain Dale in bad tempered Newsnight debate

25.69K Views20 Downloads

Newsnight 2 June 2017 You can view my blog here: My other YouTube channels search for: "Still Incorrigible" & "Incorrigible Forever"

Do budget deficits matter? Why is no-one talking about them? DEBATE - BBC Newsnight

66.41K Views15 Downloads

Do budget deficits matter? If so, why is almost no-one talking about them in this general election this time? Evan Davis discusses with Chris Philp,…

Who can say what at university? – BBC Newsnight

16.49K Views5 Downloads

A generation of students is grappling with what is acceptable to say on campus, and what is not. From trigger warnings to no-platforming – is…

'I don't trust politicians & corporations in this country' Russell Brand - BBC Newsnight

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Russell Brand has spoken to Newsnight about his "alternative to corporate hegemony". Presenter Evan Davis quizzed the comic about his ownership proposals for General Motors…

What happens if the UK doesn’t get a deal on Brexit? DEBATE - BBC Newsnight

59.2K Views8 Downloads

What happens if the UK doesn’t get a deal on Brexit? Evan Davis is joined by Simon Fraser, Jill Rutter, Dia Chakravarty as well as…

2016: What a year it has been... Debate - BBC Newsnight

37.9K Views12 Downloads

UKIP's Suzanne Evans, writer and historian David Olusoga, commentator and columnist Peter Hitchens, and journalist Paris Lees, join Newsnight’s Kirsty Wark to discuss the big…

Partition at 70: What is the legacy of Empire? DEBATE - BBC Newsnight

18.23K Views2 Downloads

Have we ever properly examined the legacy of Empire? As part of a special on the 70th anniversary of Partition, Kirsty Wark discusses with historians,…

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