Norway midnight sun - Video clip


Midnight Sun Timelapse in Bodø, Norway

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Timelapse of the Midnight Sun in Bodø, Norway. The sun sets in the North and basically skips across the ocean sideways for the 1 hour…

Midnight sun in northern Norway

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Sun comes up over the mountain Blåmannen at 22.45 local time. Birds calling and wind calming down makes for a quite nice experience. Addition: an…

Midnight Sun, Norway June 2017

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Midnight Sun in Norway June 2017 - the video clips are from June 11 and 12, 2017. Hurtigruten cruise from Bodø to Kirkenes in Norway.…

Midnight Sun

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The midnight sun (also known as the black sun) is a natural phenomenon occurring in summer months at latitudes north and nearby to the south…

Sun never set in this country, hindi or urdu, City of Midnight, country of midnight, Norway

43.2K Views12 Downloads sudhar Jao Sanjay Leela Bhansali ji sun is never set in this countr, norway is the name of the midnight sun rises country, -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-…

Why is Norway called the Land of Midnight Sun

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Why is Norway called the Land of Midnight Sun A sun in midnight? Must be a joke right? No, its not. Norway,the land of…

Norway Cruise--Land of the Midnight Sun 2014

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via YouTube Capture

Norway - The Land of Midnight Sun (4K)

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Flying drone in Norway, above Arctic Circle around Tromsø. Partially filmed during the night when the sun is above horizon. The opening scene is Senjatrollet…

The Midnight Sun in Northern Sweden...

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Cool Travel Videos:!cool-travel-videos/c1zn Witnessing one of the greatest spectacles on Earth: the Midnight Sun. It can be seen anywhere north of the Arctic Circle…


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2014-07-05 Tromsø Midnight Sun Time Lapse

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I made this video from a set of still photographs that I shot out of our hotel window by the harbor in Tromsø, Norway. I…

Midnight Sun Timelapse | 4K | Alta, Finnmark, Norway

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All the shots were photographed in the northernmost part of Norway, in a place called Alta. I have had these shots on my computer since…

Amazing Midnight Sun in Iceland

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How to Survive the Midnight Sun in Iceland - See the full article here: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel and stay up to date…

A late night walk in Norway with the Midnight Sun! // NO11 - ep.2

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This is just me and my Norwegian buddy, D, going for a random late night walk in the middle of nowhere and being silly. Hope…

Tenting in Lofoten and Watching the Midnight Sun - Norway!

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Amazing Norway

5 places where Sun Never Sets , Midnight Sun

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credits : Music : Lensko - Let's Go! [NCS Release] 1 - Norway Due to Norway’s high latitude, there are large seasonal variations…

Earth's Tilt 2: Land of the Midnight Sun

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How can you tell when to go to bed when the sun never sets? Ask a reindeer from Norway. License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information…

10 Places on Earth With 24/7 Sunshine

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This is a phenomenon called "The Midnight Sun" During summer in these places, it is 'day time' around the clock. 1. we have Barrow, Alaska…