Norway prison - Video clip


LUXURY PRISON in NORWAY - Serving Time with Amenities

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LUXURY PRISON in NORWAY - Serving Time with Amenities The first clue that things are done very differently on Bastoy prison island, which lies a…

Norway Vs U.S. Prison System

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Some claim the prisons in Norway are far too soft on criminals compared to the American system but how do the countries compare in the…

Michael Moore Returns to Norway

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Moore Re-visits some of Norways prisons that houses inmates who’ve committed violent crimes but are being rewarded for good behavior.

Halden Prison Inmate Induction Process

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POV video showing how a new inmate is received at Halden Prison in Norway. Correctional Officer Josteinn guides you through the process. Subtitles in English.…

Norwegian Prison - Michael Moore

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Where to invade next (2015) Michael Moore

Is the Norwegian Prison System Crazy?

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This Country Has The Most Humane Prison System

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How The Persecuted Irish Travellers Survive The Modern World Subscribe! While the U.S. is known for a high recidivism rate and tough justice…

Michael Moore Goes to Norway & Visits a Prison of the Future

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This didn't make it into the film Sicko, but it's well worth seeing. Michael Moore also visits a much more civilized conceptualization of what we…

Inside the World's Most Luxurious Prisons

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Prison is not supposed to be a vacation, let alone a luxurious one. Yet these prisoners bath in luxury and their time in jail almost…

Inside Norway's luxurious maximum-security prison

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An American prison superintendent takes a tour of a maximum-security prison in Norway. -------------------------------------------------- Follow BI Video on Twitter: Follow BI on Facebook:…

Does Prison Work?

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5 Nicest Prisons In The World!

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We recently did a video about the worst prisons, so now it's time to show you the best. These next 5 prisons are so nice,…

CNN on Norway prison system

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US Prison Chief's Mind Blown By Norway's Treatment Of Inmates

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"Halden is situated in a remote forest of birch, pine, and spruce with an understory of blueberry shrubs. The prison is surrounded by a single…

USA Correctional officer visits the most luxurious prison in the world

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Attica Correctional officer James Conway visits The most luxurious prison in the world Welcome to Halden Prison, Norway

THROWBACK: Michael Moore Visits Liberal Norway Prison

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Clip from the Thursday, August 7th 2014 edition of The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio monday…

Chinese exchange students react to Norwegian prisons

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Hey everyone my name is Ray and I am a Chinese-Norwegian who lives in Oslo/Norway. Its been a long time since I made a new…

This is a Prison!? Best Prisons in the world | Reaction

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Wuddup Red Mafia!! We back with another Reaction video. Don’t forget to like, comment subscribe and turn on post notifications. GANG GANG! Link to original…