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I Make Maui's Hook For Real, And It GLOWS IN THE DARK! Disney's Moana

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To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected] Hi! I know this is a little different for me, just…


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Hi! Here is part one of the hook tutorial . my patreon- Help me out peeps! :) link to original hook template- Links…

Make a Kid Size Maui's Hook From a 2x4 (Tutorial) - Disney's Moana

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For more information and to download our free template, go here: Looking for the non-tutorial fast version of the video? Go here: Recently,…

Maui's Hook - Moana - DIY PROP SHOP

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Hendo takes you through steps to build your very own Maui's hook from Moana! Awe-Inspiring Videos ►► Subscribe! We build so many amazing weapons…

Mini Maui's Hook Tutorial! (Giveaway Closed)

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The winner has been selected, so this giveaway is closed. In this episode as a way to show my appreciation to all 20,000+ of you,…

MAUI'S HOOK - Make a Real KID Size from a 2x4 - Disney's Moana - Tutorial

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Hello! Thanks for watching! MAUI'S HOOK - KID SIZE done in iPhone 4K!! With just a 2x4!! ***Project inspired by The Wood Whisperer - I…

Kid Size Maui's Hook From a 2x4 - Disney's Moana

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Looking for the tutorial video? Go here: Recently, my son has been obsessed with the Disney movie Moana. One of the primary characters is…


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Hi! Here is part 2 of the hook tutorial . My Patreon- Help me out peeps! :) Music: link to original hook template-…

Tales from the mythologies of Creation, Maui and Aoraki

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An Animation Research Ltd animation, originally in stereoscopic 3D, which screened daily in the 'Waka Maori' pavilion (Auckland, New Zealand) during the 2011 Rugby World…

"Mini Dwayne" Featurette - Moana

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What if Dwayne Johnson had his own tattoo like Mini Maui that acted as his voice of reason? Disney's Moana opens in theatres in 3D…

The Making of Maui's Magical Fish Hook

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How I made Maui's Magical Fish Hook from the Disney movie "Moana"! I used this prop for my Genderbend Maui cosplay! End footage shot by…

Making Maui's hook from the movie Moana

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In this video I build a prop replica of Maui's fish hook from the Disney movie Moana. If you want to see work in progress…


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Hi! Here is part 3 of the hook tutorial . My Patreon- Help me out peeps! :) link to original hook template- Link…

Moana: Maui get his transformation back

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Maui's fish hook made from styrofoam insulation, easy

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Maui's fish hook build, made from Styrofoam insulation. Tools and materials list: pencil, sharpie, craft paper, scissors, band saw (could use knife or hand saw),…

DIY Maui's Hook Earrings (giveaway ended)

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Hey guys, we past 30K Subs and over 7MIL views! Thank you all so much for helping me get this far! Thank you everyone that…

Review: Disney Moana Maui's Magical Fish Hook

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My Other Channel: Music:

HOW Making a Maui’s Hook From Disney’s “Moana”

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Original video: Bobby Duke Patreon- Twitter: @BobbyDukeArt Facebook: Instagram: @bobbydukearts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazing craftsmanship and art skills Texas-based artist Bobby Duke has made a…

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