Real maui story - Video clip


Tales from the mythologies of Creation, Maui and Aoraki

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An Animation Research Ltd animation, originally in stereoscopic 3D, which screened daily in the 'Waka Maori' pavilion (Auckland, New Zealand) during the 2011 Rugby World…

10 Moana Characters In Real Life

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Amazing pictures of the Moana Disney characters reimagined in real life. Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story of “Moana” was one of the most anticipated Disney…

Moana Theory: Who Were Maui's Parents? | Discovering Disney

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SUBSCRIBE: Through the combination of two previous theories, Isaac comes to one big conclusion on who were Maui’s parents. MOVIE LINKS: Moana: Atlantis…

Demigod Maui Captures the Sun (SY11-12) Kawaihona Studios

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This story is about the demi-god Maui and how he captured the sun for his mother Hina. Produced by students from Ka Waihona o Ka…

How Maui slowed the Sun - By Peter Gossage

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From the animated series, A Maui Te Tipua - Maui, the Enchanted. How Maui slowed the Sun Based on the books beautifully written and illustrated…

The Shocking TRUTH About the Grandma From Moana - Disney [Theory]

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So this is an epic theory I came up with as I recently watched Moana. The grandmother is very mysterious and appears to have high…


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The Maori people of New Zealand came from eastern Polynesia in waves of canoes sometime between 1250 and 1300 AD. Over the centuries, they developed…

I Make Maui's Hook For Real, And It GLOWS IN THE DARK! Disney's Moana

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To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected] Hi! I know this is a little different for me, just…

Moana - The Story of Maui and the Heart

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Gramma Tala dispenses the mystical story of how the heart was heisted. Get the film on Blu-ray March 7! Also available in digital HD February…

We found the real Maui!!!

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Each time my daughters come to Costco, they search for the "real life" Demi god, Maui. Will, featured in this video also does character appearances…

Moana Meet the real Maui

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We found a clip of Disney's Moana on Youtube My Girls say I look like Maui :)

Moana-Maui's Story (HD)

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Go Behind the Scenes of Moana (2016)

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Making of Moana (Cast ADR / Animation B-roll / Scores ) SUBSCRIBE HERE: SUBSCRIBE MOVIE TRAILERS: Plot: A young woman uses her navigational…


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INSTAGRAM - TWITTER - SNAPCHAT - Promise Phan FACEBOOK - Omg this is my first video of 2017 !!! Today I am…

Maui's You're Welcome from Disney's Moana/Vaiana | Official WWL "In Real Life" music video

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See the film, starring Dwayne The Rock Johnson & Auliʻi Cravalho, available now: You've watched the Moana Movie and seen the trailer - now…

How Maui found his Mother - By Peter Gossage

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From the animated series, A Maui Te Tipua - Maui, the Enchanted. How Maui found his Mother (2007) Based on the books beautifully written and…

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