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Luther and the Protestant Reformation: Crash Course World History #218

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In which John Green teaches you about the Protestant Reformation. Prior to the Protestant Reformation, pretty much everyone in Europe was a Roman Catholic. Not…

Rick Steves' Luther and the Reformation

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Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther kicked off the Protestant Reformation, which contributed to the birth of our modern age. In this one-hour special —…

The Protestant Reformation

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From The History Channel. Covers Luther, Calvin, the English Reformation, and the English Civil War.

What Was the Reformation All About?

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500 years ago, a German monk named Martin Luther started a protest that exploded into a worldwide movement. So what was the Protestant Reformation all…

Reformation 500 Celebration (Live Rebroadcast)

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A Reformation Day rebroadcast of last night's Reformation 500 Celebration. Note: entires for our Reformation 500 Resource Giveaway at close today. The five-hundredth anniversary…

Reformation 500 Celebration

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The five-hundredth anniversary of the Reformation calls for celebration and remembrance lest we forget this event and the doctrinal truths that sparked it. On October…

History 101: The Protestant Reformation | National Geographic

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Who was Martin Luther? What is the Reformation and why does it matter? Roughly 500 years ago, Luther is said to have nailed his 95…

Die Reformation - Zusammenfassung Abitur: Beginn mit Luther & das Christentum

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Alles Wichtige zur Reformation, Beginn 1517 Kirchenspaltung, Wie hat Martin Luther Christentum reformiert, Ablasshandel, Was passierte beim Thesenanschlag am 31.10.1517, Ende der Reformation ÜBUNGSAUFGABEN &…

A Fun, Animated History of the Reformation and the Man Who Started It All | Short Film Showcase

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On October 31, 1517, a rebellious German monk named Martin Luther is said to have nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of Castle Church.…

The Protestant Reformation

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• Speaker: Tommy Nelson • Date: 03/07/2016

Martin Luther, the Reformation and the nation | DW Documentary

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Martin Luther - how a humble 15th-century monk was able to change the world. Luther was born into a world governed by the Roman Church…

Reformation 500 Years Old

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A short history on the impact and influence of the Protestant Reformation. Related: Related: A Man Named Martin Session 1: A Man Named Martin…

Lecture 01: The Reformation - Dr. Carl Trueman

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Kenneth Copeland calls for end of Protestant Reformation (2017)

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As we head towards the 500 year Protestant Reformation on 10/31/2017.. Kenneth Copeland leads the way for the anti-Protestant Reformation propaganda. That born again believers…

The Protestant Reformation Explained: World History Review

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A super fast, fun and focused look at the Protestant Revolution and role Martin Luther played in changing the history of the world. Subscribe to…

The Protestant Reformation easily explained (explainity® explainer video)

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On October 31st, 1517 Martin Luther, a theologian form Wittenberg, Germany is said to have published 95 theses on the catholic churches selling of indulgences,…

500th Year Reformation Anniversary

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500 years ago one man with a mallet shook up the world. Today, Child Evangelism Fellowship continues that great work among the children of the…

Martin Luther und die Reformation I musstewissen Geschichte

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Wer ist der Mönch Martin Luther? Wie hat er die Reformation gestartet? Was hat das mit dem Ablasshandel und den 95 Thesen zu tun, die…