Reformation day - Video clip


Martin Luther and Reformation Day

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Happy 500th anniversary of Reformation Day! On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther is said to have nailed his ‘95 Theses’ to the door of All…

Reformation 500 Celebration (Live Rebroadcast)

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A Reformation Day rebroadcast of last night's Reformation 500 Celebration. Note: entires for our Reformation 500 Resource Giveaway at close today. The five-hundredth anniversary…

Reformation Day in 14 minutes

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A short video on the Protestant Reformation.

Reformation Day: A Monk and a Mallet

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Celebrate Reformation Day with this short film about Martin Luther when he wrote the 95 Theses nearly 500 years ago. His courageous stance on Justification…

Reformation Day

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Here's an early stop motion animation LEGO short, made in time for the Reformation Day - Halloween debates. Martin Luther and his 95 Theses. Two…

What is Reformation Day? (The Protestant Reformation)

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October 31, Happy Reformation Day!

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On the date many know to be Halloween, Wade Burleson shows the true significance of October 31. This short video was produced and published October…

A Charlie Brown Reformation Day

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A short video I made for today

500th Reformation Sunday Video

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500th Anniversary of the Reformation - great to use for Reformation Sunday at your church

Catholic vs. Protestant Reformation Day Showdown

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Michael tries to convert Allie Stuckey to the One True Faith.

Reformation Day: Scarier Then Halloween For Baptist's

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In this sermon Pastor Jason Cooley exposes the "Reformers" and their treatment to their enemies, their "Heretics"... "those awful Anabaptist's." View The Baptist Battle For…

The Reformation PiggyBackers

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Luther was have a splendid Reformation Day. Until the piggybacking protestants started trying to improve his Reformation.

Pope Francis Hidden Agenda About 31st October Reformation day!

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October 31, 2017 is Reformation Day; and this upcoming reformation day marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation when Martin Luther nailed his 95…

500 Years Since Martin Luther 95 Theses

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Reformation Day 2017 Churches around the world are gearing up to celebrate the 500 year anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation. On October…

A Four Year Old Explains Reformation Day

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Our four year-old is very excited that today is Reformation Day and she wants to tell us all about it.

Reformation Day 2017

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Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the Door of the Wittenburg Chapel 500 years ago today.

Reformation Day

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Lorna Dueck shares the history of the Reformation on this day, October 31st, known as Reformation Day.