Russia olympics synchronized swimming - Video clip


Russia - Synchronized Swimming | Champions of London 2012

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Russia claimed their fourth Synchronized Swimming team gold at London 2012 after scoring a total of197.030 points. Can Russia do it again in Rio? On…

Russian Olympic Synchronised swimming 19/04/12

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Pre-Olympic event 19/04/2012 Synchronised swimming

Russia wins Synchronised Swimming team gold

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Russia's free routine ensures gold after a high-scoring technical routine in the women's synchronized swimming team event. Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here:…

Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Amazing Russia Synchronized Swimming Performance

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Rio 2016 Olympic Games: Russia Synchronized Swimming. ----------------------------- Russia's Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina compete during the synchronized swimming duet free routine final in the…

Team Russia - The golden team in Synchronised Swimming

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The Synchronised Swimming team of Russia won all Olympic gold since 2000 and of course, they'll try to continue this success during the upcoming Olympic…

Rio 2016: Russia captures team synchronized swimming gold for fifth straight Olympics

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In synchronized swimming, Russia won their fifth straight Olympics with a total score of 196.1439 points. China finished 3.1598 behind to grab the silver with…

synchronized swimming music, free routine, russian team 2015

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Russia wins 2015 Synchro Team Tech Champs - Universal Sports

25.55K Views1 Downloads 2015, Kazan, Russia, 26th FINA World Championship, in Synchronized Swimming Team Technical Finals, For the 5th straight time Russia wins the Gold, with 95.7457…

Synchronized swimming music, Russian Team, free routine, 2012-2013

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Denis Garnizov, step. Denis Garnizov, war. My version time: 4:05 Technical routine music:

Synchronized swimming, team Russia, London 2012

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Синхронное плавание,Группы,Сборная России,Лондон 2012.ЗОЛОТО. КРАСОТКИ!

Russia Win Synchronized Swimming Team Gold - Athens 2004 Olympics

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Highlights from the Athens 2004 Olympic Games as Russia win the synchronized swimming women's team event gold medal in style. Subscribe to the Olympic channel:…

Russia win Gold in the Women's Team event | Synchronised Swimming | Baku 2015 European Games

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Russia win Gold in the Women's Team event For more Synchronised Swimming videos click or to subscribe to our Channel and keep up to…

synchronized swimming, Duet, London 2012 RUSSIA, music

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Russia Synchronized swimming 2008 Olympics Team TR

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Theme "Rythme of heart", music Asturias of Albeniz

Russian team in synchronized swimming at the Olympic Games in Beijing

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Russians prepare for the Olympics entirely new program, "Living Sea". Music written for her by the Brazilian composer Paulo Oliveira. More precisely, he arranged it,…

Synchronized Swimming - Team Free Routine - London 2012 Olympic Games

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SY05 Team Free Routine - Synchronized Swimming - 10 August 2012 - London 2012 Olympic Games Complete coverage of the Synchronized Swimming Team Free Routine…