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Baseball Legend Sammy Sosa Gets ROASTED on Twitter for Bleaching His Skin

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Sammy Sosa in 2017 looks much different than the Sammy Sosa you remember blasting home runs over the wall at Wrigley Field, and his new…

Joe Rogan on Sammy Sosa Bleaching His Skin White!

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Joe Rogan talks to Eddie Bravo and Brendan Schaub about baseball legend Sammy Sosa bleaching his skin white on the Joe Rogan Experience Fight Companion.…

Sammy Sosa Career Highlights

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8th all time in home runs.

Sammy Sosa Career Highlights

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A Career Highlights Video for Sammy Sosa

Sammy Sosa Is Now White @Hodgetwins

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Sammy Sosa skin is now white!!! HodgetwinsTV link: See the Hodgetwins on tour: GET HODGETWINS MERCH: Follow Hodgetwins: Facebook: Snapchat…

NLCS Gm1: Sosa ties game in ninth with two-run homer

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10/7/03: Sammy Sosa ties the game for the Cubs in the bottom of the ninth with a two-out, two-run shot off of Ugueth Urbina Check…

Race for the Record - Mark McGwire & Sammy Sosa 1998

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Sammy Sosa Turns Himself Into a White Man

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Sammy Sosa's skin bleaching has gotten out of control.

Entrevista de Sammy Sosa donde aclara todo sobre su color de piel.

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Sammy Sosa | Career Highlights

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All rights go to Major League Baseball Follow me on Twitter @justin__stewart

Sammy Sosa Softball Slam - Continue? (PS)

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Sammy Sosa Softball Slam - PlayStation 1 Do you love baseball? Well softball is just like baseball. This week the boys slam some "homers", throw…

Sammy Sosa HRs in Games 1 & 2 of 2003 NLCS

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In Game 1 against the Marlins, Sammy Sosa deposited a Ugueth Urbina pitch onto Waveland Avenue with two outs in the ninth to tie it…

CSN Chicago Inteview: Sammy Sosa

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Sammy Sosa says he would love to come back to Wrigley Field if the Cubs came calling. Aired 10/8/13

What's Happening To Sammy Sosa's Skin?

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Ever since he appeared at the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas last week, photos of former baseball slugger Sammy Sosa's markedly lighter visage have…

ESPN First Take: Stephen A Smith: "Sammy Sosa is almost as light as YOU, Skip!" 5-29-2012

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Funny Segment on ESPN First Take about Barry Bonds not having a job in Major League Baseball. Stephen A. Smith goes on a rant that…


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Circulan en las redes sociales imágenes del expelotero dominicano de Grandes Ligas Sammy Sosa, donde se le ve posando supuestamente en una zona de la…

Sammy Sosa Bleached Skin: What He Did Revealed

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Sammy Sosa the MLB baseball legend has a much lighter bleached appearance and he explains what is going on. subscribe Starring Emily Longeretta Produced…

Cumpleaños de Sammy Sosa en Londres

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Cumpleaños de Sammy Sosa en Londres Suscríbete, COMPARTE y dale me gusta, te lo agradezco! Nuestro correo es [email protected] • • •…