Soul eater maka and soul kiss episode - Video clip


When you think Soul and Maka kiss.

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I just finished watching Soul Eater and i found this in episode 49 and i thought they were gonna kiss. I WISH THEY DID DDDDDDDDDDDDX

Last First Kiss

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If you take five seconds to read the description you can see what the song is. Anime: Soul Eater Song: Inevitable Artist: Anberlin THE SCENE…

Soul Eater - Kiss the Girl

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Originaly Uploaded on February 26th, 2009 Original Description: EDIT: Over 5000 views? OMFG NO WAY! You guys are so awesome, thank you for helping this…

Soul Eater NOT! - Maka and Soul at the market/bazaar (English Dub)

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Another one of the few good moments in this show.

Soul Eater (English Dub) Maka throws a book at Black Star

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Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater. Clip from episode 25 of the Soul Eater anime English dub. Maka is dragged into a game of basketball…

Soul Eater (English Dub) Maka goes... Uh, she makes a gasping noise

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Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater Clip from episode 27 of the Soul Eater anime English dub. It's supposed to be the English equivalent of…

Soul Eater NOT! - Maka's first appearance (English Dub)

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I've decided to upload clips from the English version of Soul Eater NOT! If this clip doesn't get removed then I'll upload more.

*A Soul Eater Comic: KISS*

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Hey! Here's another Soul Eater comic! I hope you enjoy! I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING!

Deleted Scenes (Except they're not really deleted scenes) from Soul Eater

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WHY DOES THIS HAVE SO MANY VIEWS I MADE THIS WHEN I WAS LIKE 10 WHAT THE HECK Due to Chinoscamino's name calling I'm adding…

Moulin Rouge/Soul Eater style-Final Scene

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The Death of Satine, edited to be the death of Maka I don't own Soul Eater, Moulin Rouge, any audio or clips used in this…

Soul Eater episode 51 part 2 english dubbed

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the last episode of Soul Eater maka v.s the keision " The word is Bravery"

Soul Eater (English Dub) Black Star kills the moment

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Disclaimer: I don't own Soul Eater. Clip from episode 8 of the Soul Eater anime English dub. Black Star decides to visit his injured friend…

Soul and Maka moments (Soul Eater)

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Sorry the moments are so short. I didn't want to download more than two episodes, and I didn't want a copyright strike. (Again.) I claim…

Soul Eater - Maka vs Kishin Final Battle - ENG SUB HD

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This is the last episode of Soul Eater in which Maka takes on The Kishin. There are some pretty intense parts in this episode. ENJOY…

Soul Eater NOT! - Anya and Tsugumi vs Liz and Patty (English Dub)

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I know Liz and Patty grew up on the streets but Its still weird seeing them act like street thugs, especially Patty.

Soul Eater 51 (English dub) full episode

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I don't own this, please support the official release. Also, please like and subscribe.

Maka's Dark side ( Full scene )

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hope you guys enjoy crazy Maka :D ( English dub ) Anime : Soul Eater Disclaimer : i don't own anything

Kim and Jacqueline

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