Stock fb rx7 - Video clip


Taking a stock 12A rotary first gen RX7 for a spin (iphone footage)

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Peter took this very nice and stock first gen RX7 for s test drive after Ben just finish fixing it from a crash. I went…

FB Rx7 12a Cold Idle

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Stock port, it only sounds like it does when it's cold and the choke is all the way out. Once it warms up the Add…

RX7 FB sound

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'82 RX7 FB, stock ported, custom stainless steel exhaust, stock carb.

rx7 stock 12a. 1st gen fb

1.31K Views8 Downloads

Im driving a bone stock 12a engine and transmission, missed 4th gear, testing the built fb chasiss rx7, Import Face Off, Ennis,Tx

RB20DET 1st Gen RX7 rx-7 FB Turbo Stock 7-10psi

6.57K Views5 Downloads

RB20DET stock in first-gen rx7.

FB RX7 stock shooting flames!!

579 Views12 Downloads

FB RX7. Straight piped shootin flames!

Oldone Racing Rx7 FB 13B REW Bridgeport

14.16K Views10 Downloads

Oldone racing presents Stacey Vickers Rx7 FB 13b REW bridgeport at Owen Developments rolling road for mapping session.Session was cut short due to dry sump…

RX7 fb Toppdrift May 18/2015

3.24K Views10 Downloads

Mostly stock rx7 gsl-se at topp drift shannonville, ontario Canada. some of the better clips from mx visor undermount trial. sony hdr-as20

Turbo FB Rx7 Build (Ep.1)

3.18K Views12 Downloads

This week one zipped we blow up the rx7 for no reason, we start on the turbo swap, and more bad ideas. PS. PLEASE WEAR…

1979 rx7 stock drift

7.4K Views1 Downloads

1979 rx7 bone stock 12a no exhaust drifting

Rotary Legend-Mazda RX-7 FB Review!

270.1K Views16 Downloads

For this video, we hop in a car that is a Japanese classic for sure. The FB RX7! Big thanks to Lugo for letting me…

NA 13b FB Mazda RX7 Dyno test

12.59K Views16 Downloads

First dyno run for my 1983 Mazda RX7. Motor is a 4 port 13b with half bridgeport, carb is the stock Nikki but rejetted and…

Rx7 FB 1985 12a Straight Pipe

24.94K Views14 Downloads

1985 Rx7 Straight Piped Cleaning the carb out so expect some smoke, the firing is much nicer when driving. Sold her :/

RX7 12A running stock

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The sound of the stock RX7 12A, carb from the old days.

Alex Hershey Mazda RX7 FB 12A Rotary - EPAutomotive Owens Skid Pad 5-6-17

819 Views20 Downloads

Here we got Alex Hershey; Mazda RX7 with the Motor being a 12A. Now on top of that, the 12A has Ported Intake, Sterling Carb,…

1984 1st Gen FB RX 7 S4 Turbo II TII Swap First Startup

12.11K Views10 Downloads

Video of my 1st Gen 1984 Mazda FB GS RX-7 during it's first day running with a 1987 FC S4 Turbo II ( TII )…

Oldschool RX7 FB review

36.69K Views9 Downloads

uk review of the first gen rx7 FB series. This car is sweet, very sweet....

Stock, Open-Diff RX7 Drifting Attempts - Drift Event #2

88.86K Views5 Downloads

Today we take the 100% stock RX7 with an open diff to a drift event! STICKERS ► BE MY FRIEND!!!! Subscribe here! ►►…

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