Sylmar fire 2008 - Video clip


Sayre Sylmar fire 10-15-08 part 1

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started shooting video outside my house at 1am of the sayre fire in sylmar ca. I Live 1 block from the oakridge mobile home park…

Fire aftermath in Sylmar

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Captain Rex Vilaubi of the Los Angeles Fire Department talks about the situation at the Oakridge mobile park in Sylmar, California a day after a…

Time Lapse Fire in Santa Clarita (Sylmar Sayre Fire)

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These time lapse and realtime clips were shot Saturday evening, 11-15-2008 near Placerita Canyon Road and Sierra Highway, looking at the fires to the south…

Sayre Sylmar fire 10-15-08 part 2

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part 2 of sayre fire video in sylmar ca on saturday nov 15th 2008 at around 2am

Fire destroys Oakridge mobile home park in Sylmar

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Evacuees from the Oakridge trailer park in Sylmar hear news of their home at an evacuation center while others view the remains of their homes…

Sylmar-Sayre Fire 08

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Fire from Granada Hills at night, traveling to Sylmar, and looking at burned park the day after mandatory evacuation.

Sylmar Fire Nov 2008

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Another fire rips through Sylmar, moving across the mountains and foothills. One man stands on roof with hose, trying to protect his home.

Couple returns to find townhome survived Sylmar fire

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Kathleen Allettl and her husband Peri Allettl were excited to see that their Sylmar townhome survived the fire on November 15, 2008.

Marek/Sylmar fire

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Awaken @ 5:30am by police and told to get out now!

Sylmar/San Fernando Valley fire

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Sylmar Fire November 2008

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View from Granada Hills, 6 miles away.

Marek/Sylmar fire

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sylmar burns

Sylmar Fire

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Sylmar Fire (Marek) Oct 13 2008. Hubbard

Sylmar fire 1

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SYLMAR FIRE ... WTF OHH burns clifornia

Fire in Sylmar 11-14-2008 Friday Night

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Looking North on Polk Street (Sylmar, Calif. Just south of Eldridge) as the Fire reveals itself. Evacuation was a no brainer as evidenced by the…

Sylmar Fire 10/13/08

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Merrick fire as seen from Sylmar townhome.

Oakridge Mobile Home Park fire- Sylmar, Ca

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Video clip as we drove thru the park 11/18 after digging through ashes at my mom's former house.

Sylmar Fires - November 14, 2008

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This was taken about Midnight, from my front yard.

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