Tatum sand cars - Video clip


1300hp Sand Rail - TATUM

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Twin Turbo 454 RHS in a Tatum Motorsports sand rail in Glamis, California. Newest model from Tatum. Like, Subscribe and follow DuneFreq.com @DuneFreq on Instagram

Tatum Motor Sports Black Widow

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Tatum Motor Sports, Black Widow, LS1 383 Stroker ~575 HP http://tatummotorsports.com/ Song: Do I Wanna Know? Artist: Arctic Monkeys Key Words: Glamis GLAMIS tatum motor…

The Ultimate Tatum Sandrail Destroying Glamis

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The featured "5150" custom Tatum motorsports sandcar showing off in Glamis Sand Dunes New Years 2014. Car spec's: Motor by Pete Fleming. 430 cube in.…

Tatum Aero - Sand Car

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A short video of the Tatum Aero running a few passes.

Tatum Motor Sports Truck in Glamis Sand Dunes [HD]

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Take a ride through Glamis Sand Dunes located in Southern California. Sand Truck built by Tatum Motor Sports. 428 cubic inch LS3 stroker motor running…

2008 Tatum SandCar Black Widow Twin Turbo LS7

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For More info please call 623 806 3035

The Fastest sand car to ever see Glamis Sand Dunes!

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Racer Engineering has produced a 1600+ HP sandrail that stands out from the rest of the pack. This sand car won 1st place at the…

KTM Racing - Sand Cars Unlimited

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Sand Cars Unlimiteds newest build for KTM Racing Dubai. LSX 454 Twin Turbo. Sand Cars Unlimited, Motor by CBM Motors, paint by Haynie Designs, body…

Paul Tracy - Tatum Twin Turbo

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** DuneFreqMedia is in no way affiliated with "Monster Energy" ** Indy Car champ Paul Tracy, Black Label Baggers, running his Twin Turbo Tatum in…

1500hp Sand Car | Testing in Glamis | CBM Motorsports 454ci Twin Turbo

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In this video, Chris takes a trip out to Glamis sand dunes in California to test a customer's 454ci twin turbo Tatum sand car which…

880hp Tatum Motorsports Mid-Engine

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Tatum Motorsports car as from a previous video. Twin Turbos changed out for a 4.5 Whipple Supercharger and engine refresh done by CBM Motors. LS7…

Twin Turbo VS Supercharged LS7

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Tatum Motorsports Sand Rail. Original Twin Turbo LS7 engine upgraded with 4.5 Whipple Supercharger by CBM Motors. Fast and Furious Upgrade! Which do you chose?!?…

2009 Tatum Motor Sports Black Widow Sane Rail LS2 Corvette V8 Medeola S4 For sale

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No Expense Spared Full Custom Sand Rail - Documented From Tatum Motor Sports - Fully Serviced Ready to Run      Here is a absolutely stunning…

Twin Turbo Sand Rail playing in the Qatari Desert

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What happens when you strap paddle tyres to a twin turbo LS motor? Watch the video to find out! Join my facebook page for exclusive…

Supercharged Tatum Sand Car on Wall 5 in Glamis California

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www.cleanharleys.com and www.dfwarcticcat.com, American motorcycle trading co, since 1996. We buy and sell Harleys, choppers, cruisers, and all types of motorcycles. We ship all over…

Tatum Prerunner Startup sound

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900 hp 415 ls3 start up sound, car is for sale 115k link to ad and info is here: http://www.glamisdunes.com/invision/index.php?showtopic=313487&st=0

Tatum Sand Car Jumps High!

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Jeremy Stansfield jumping sand rail at Jericho Sand Dunes in Utah


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