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Stephen Colbert Holds Vince Gilligan Hostage (Spoilers)

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Stephen must REALLY want more Breaking Bad, but then we all do.... RIP Breaking Bad.

Vince Gilligan On The Origins Of "Breaking Bad" - CONAN on TBS

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The creator of the AMC hit explains how the idea sprung from unemployed desperation.

Bryan Cranston's Character Is In Constant Danger In "The Infiltrator"

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The "Breaking Bad" star reveals the details of his new movie role, which puts him in greater danger than any of his previous films. "Subscribe…

Aaron Paul Struggled Before Landing His "Breaking Bad" Role

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Before he became Jesse Pinkman, Aaron Paul was out of work and struggling to make ends meet. He claims he has since paid back his…

Stephen Colbert kidnaps Vince Gilligan so he can write more BREAKING BAD!!!

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Stephen Colbert holds Breaking Bad's creator/writer Vince Gilligan captive in the studio basement forcing him to write more episodes of BREAKING BAD. The last line…

Vince Gilligan on Colbert

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Bob Odenkirk Playing Stephen Colbert Playing Bob Odenkirk

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'Late Show: The Movie' might be Bob Odenkirk's Colbert-iest performance yet. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel HERE: For more content from "The Late…

Anna Gunn Wants Nothing To Do With High Heels

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Unlike the Wall Street executive she plays in 'Equity,' who runs through the halls wearing heels, Anna Gunn confesses she's got two left feet. Subscribe…

Bryan Cranston's Favorite Erotic Fan Letter

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It's an unsettling note...that actually is more about Aaron Paul than Bryan. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late…

Breaking Bad wins Emmy Best Drama Emmy Awards 2013 [FULL VIDEO]

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Television drama "Breaking Bad" won the top Primetime Emmy award for the first time on Sunday, just as the gritty tale of a chemistry teacher…

Good Night for 'Breaking Bad' at the Emmys

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'Breaking Bad' wins big at its last Emmy Awards, taking best drama and a trio of acting honors for its stars while 'Modern Family' wins…


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Are you a fan of The Colbert Report? Check this out: The Colbert Report won its 1st Emmy in the category Outstanding Variety Series…

Bryan Cranston And His Family Are "Masters Of Stupidity"

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Big-time movie stars like Bryan Cranston are still normal people at home, capable of embarrassing both their children and themselves on family vacations. "Subscribe To…

The Colbert Report wins Emmy Award 2013 [HQ]

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2013 Emmys: 'Bad' wins drama, 'Family' wins comedy CNN ‎- 58 segundos atrás 2013 Emmys: 'Breaking Bad' wins drama, 'Modern Family' wins comedy. ... (CNN)…

Launch Movie- COMMiT: Community in Transition

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Community in Transition has launched! We are a student-run organization for the homeless, focused on providing food and clothes, creating community, and raising awareness.​ Join…

Stephen Colbert visits David Letterman before taking over show

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'The next job I'm taking here, it pays?': Stephen Colbert reveals to Letterman that he once turned down an INTERNSHIP on the Late show because…

The Colbert Report wins Best Variety Series at the 2014 Writers Guild Awards

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The 66th Writers Guild Awards New York Ceremony Saturday, February 1, 2014 Edison Ballroom, New York, NY

Vince Gilligan, 'Alec Baldwin', & Writers Guild Awards : Hot on the Red Carpet

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Erin takes her Red Carpet to the Writer's Guild Awards in LA. Check out which TV & Film writers hit the Red Carpet. Spoiler Alert:…