The new ohio travelers - Video clip


The New Ohio Travelers

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Live in Dayton, Ohio

The New Ohio Travelers

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Live Studio Recording

A time travels diary found in a park in ohio

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in part the Original Author was : S. Lane after some digging in to the matter like and share for more cern and edward…

10 real PROOF OF TIME TRAVELER'S exists / ooparts / part 1

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1.- Young Vladimir Putin in nazi holocaust. 2.- Barack Obama travel to Victorian era. 3.- Swiss watch in ancient chinesse pyramid. 4.- US nickel penny…

Time Traveler From 2026 (EXCLUSIVE!)

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A self-claimed time traveler who is supposedly born in the year 2026 talks about the future. The unidentified man speaks on the subject of time…

4 People Who Claimed To Be Time Travelers

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Here are the list of 4 people who claimed to be time travelers and allegedly had experienced time slips / teleportations. Subscribe ➤ Follow…

Your Right To Travel

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What to do if you get pulled over, and you haven't hurt or threatened anyone. All files in the video found here: Proof it…

Time Traveler From The Year 3000

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This video takes a look at an audio clip sent by a man claiming to be a real life time traveler from the year 3000.…

Millennial Generation Takes Travel To The Next Level

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This is the hottest age group for today's travelers. If you were born between 1980 and 1995 you are a Millennial aka Generation Y and…

10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That May Prove Time Travel Exists

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What we talk about when we talk about time travel: going back to kill Hitler, Back To The Future, treading on butterflies causing irreparable damage…

11 Possible Cases of Time Travel

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From a possible newly discovered time traveler, to the infamous time traveling hipster, these are 11 Possible Cases of TIME TRAVEL ! Subscribe to American…

4 Time Travelers Caught on Tape

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Do you think any of these time traveler videos were real? Is this proof of real life travel caught on tape? Let me know in…

Ohio Renaissance Festival _Time Travelers Weekend

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Travel back in time to the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Biggy Rat 1976...Traveler

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New Year's Eve, 1976 at the Touraine Club, New Philadelphia, Ohio. Shirli, Greg, Dave, Tony, Kevin

Traveler - Intro

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Artist: Traveler Song: Intro Album: Nothing Lasts Long Enough (2012) Genre: Melodic Hardcore Country: Cleveland, Ohio (USA) Check out TRAVELER and download their new…

YOUR Right to Travel VERIFIED by A GOOD COP!!!

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The very rare and elusive "good cop" makes an appearance! "Pulled over for the third time in 8+ months and still traveling freely and this…

10 Real incidents that proves time travelers exist

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Please help us to grow and serve you better Subscribe to our channel ► See Also: 1. Top 10 Mysterious People Ever Existed ►…

The Lincoln Traveler presents: The Hayes Episodes- #1 at Delaware, Ohio

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Eric Ebinger, the author of the new book on the 19th president titled, 100 Days in the Life of Rutherford Hayes, presents a branch of…