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The Tester in a nutshell

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Episode 2:

The Tester™ 3 Episode 1

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Season Premiere: Episode 1 "Bug Out" Watch Episode 2: The third season kicks off when12 new cast members arrive at the PlayStation® Loft ready…

The Tester 3 Sucks, Part 2: Emoraptor

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So this time, I rip off Sequelitis as I dissect why everyone's favorite contestant was unexpectedly booted off the show. I don't see the point…

The Tester™ 3 Episode 8

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Episode 8 Cast-Offs Return! Take a deeper look into The Tester 3 as eliminated cast members like Egoraptor, Skyd1ddy, Ninjanomyx, and more return to tell…

Vote for Egoraptor for The Tester Season 3!!

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The Tester™ 2 Episode 1

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Check out the first half of Episode 1/2/3/4 of The Tester™ Season 2! For complete episodes, download from PlayStation®Store or watch now on

The Tester™ 3 Episode 3

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Episode 3 "Make like Drake" The testers catch Uncharted fever when they must conquer a tricky obstacle course for the chance to meet Nathan Drake…

01 - Every Egoraptor-related shot in The Tester 3 Episode 1

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The man is the only reason why we're here.

The Tester™ 2 Episode 1 First 11 Minutes

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Check out this first 11 minutes of the first episode of Season 2 when the cast meets for the first time and faces the first…

Tester in a nutshell 5 - no JTight no Ninja make Holden something something

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The Tester™ Episode 1 Preview

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Get a sneak peek at Episode 1 of The Tester™, premiering on February 18th on PlayStation®Network. The Tester is a trademark of Sony Computer…

The Tester 3: Akilleez episode 1-3 review

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Hey all! It's AkilleezMight from Season 3 of Sony's "The Tester". Figured I'd try my hand at these review vids. Gonna share my thoughts on…

The Tester™ 3 Episode 4

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Episode 4 "Creative Crossover" The gamers square off in a preliminary challenge in the all new Street Fighter X Tekken to gain an advantage for…

The Tester™ 3 Episode 2

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Episode 2 "Twisted Teamwork" David Jaffe is this week's guest panelist on hand to critique a Twisted Metal inspired teamwork challenge involving mini ice cream…

The Tester in a Nutshell 2 - Betty Spaghetti

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Episode 3 in a nutshell:

The Tester Audition

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Enjoy the video! FACEBOOK - NEW - SEND ME MAIL- Lauren G. P.O. Box 280138 Brooklyn, N.Y. 11218 USA ------ NEW ---- Twitter:

VR i MINECRAFT? (tydligen inte) | The Tester - #1

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En adventure map om, vad jag trodde skulle handla om, VR. Virtual Reality. Det börjar iaf inte som en sådan karta så vi får se…

The Tester in a nutshell 4 - Special Sauce

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bebebe betty spaghetti and all that crap. Leave me alone.