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This Is Us - What Jack Pearson Would Do... (Episode Highlight - Presented by Chevrolet)

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Kevin comes full circle during Randall's hour of need. Share this moment using #ThisIsUs. » Subscribe for More: » Watch This Is Us Tuesdays…

THIS IS US - Official Trailer - NBC Fall Shows 2016

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The story of different people born on the same day. Follow us on Twitter:

This Is Us - Aftershow: Episode 16 (Digital Exclusive)

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Sterling K. Brown and Ron Cephas Jones sit down for a no-holds-barred deep dive on the episode that broke your heart, "Memphis." » Subscribe for…

This Is Us - Aftershow: Episode 15 (Digital Exclusive - Presented by Chevrolet)

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Mandy and Milo sit down for a no-holds-barred deep dive on Episode 15, "Jack Pearson's Son." » Subscribe for More: » Watch This Is…

This Is Us - Next: Saying Goodbye (Promo)

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William asks the Pearsons to celebrate his legacy on the next all-new episode of This Is Us, Tuesday, March 7 at 9/8c on NBC. »…

'This Is Us': The 11 Most Gut-Wrenching Moments That Made Us Cry This Season (So Far)

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More from Entertainment Tonight: The NBC drama isn't afraid of tugging at our heartstrings.

This Is Us - Jack and Rebecca Renew Their Vows (Episode Highlight - Presented by Chevrolet)

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Their story is just getting started... Share this moment using #ThisIsUs. » Subscribe for More: » Watch This Is Us Tuesdays 9/8c on NBC!…

This Is Us - A Father/Son Initiation (Episode Highlight)

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Jack shows Randall that he's willing to carry him through life - no matter what. Share this moment using #ThisIsUs. » Subscribe for More:…

Mandy Moore: My Parents Text Me About My ‘This Is Us’ Character | TODAY

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Actress Mandy Moore tells TODAY she’s proud to be part of the hit drama series “This Is Us.” She says viewers have an emotional connection…

This Is Us 1x15 Promo "Jack Pearson's Son" (HD)

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This Is Us 1x15 "Jack Pearson's Son" Season 1 Episode 15 Promo - Kevin stresses about the premiere of his play and receives support from…

This Is Us 1x14 Promo "I Call Marriage" (HD)

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This Is Us 1x14 "I Call Marriage" Season 1 Episode 14 Promo - Toby throws a wrench in Kate's weight loss journey. Randall struggles to…

This Is Us 1x17 Promo "What Now?" (HD)

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This Is Us 1x17 "What Now?" Season 1 Episode 17 Promo - The entire Pearson family gathers at Randall's for an unusual party. Kevin and…

This Is Us 1x16 Promo "Memphis" (HD)

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This Is Us 1x16 "Memphis" Season 1 Episode 16 Promo - Randall and William take a road trip to Memphis, where Randall learns about his…

This Is Us - Aftershow: Episode 10 (Digital Exclusive)

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Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Susan Kelechi Watson, Ron Cephas Jones and show creator Dan Fogelman sit down for a no-holds-barred conversation on Episode…

This Is Us - Aftershow: Episode 14 (Digital Exclusive - Presented by Chevrolet)

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Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley and director Ken Olin sit down for a no-holds-barred deep dive on Episode 14, "I Call Marriage." » Subscribe for More:…

'This Is Us' Star Justin Hartley Is Here!

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The hunky star of the new hit show sat down with Ellen for the very first time!

This Is Us - Kevin's Three Sentences (Episode Highlight)

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After 12 long years, Kevin returns to the woman he's always loved... his first love, Sophie. » Subscribe for More: » This Is Us…

Milo Ventimiglia Surprises a Fan Watching This Is Us During Filming

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Milo Ventimiglia shares the template excuse note he made for This Is Us fans to use after especially emotional episodes and footage of him surprising…