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What if Tommy Wiseau Directed Batman?

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If Tommy Wiseau wrote, directed, and starred in a Batman would be a really interesting Batman movie. Help us make these videos: MY…

Batman Fights Tommy Wiseau as Bane

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Batman fights the best actor in the world, Tommy Wiseau; disguised as Bane.

Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - Oh hi Mark

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The Room's Tommy Wiseau Invades Star Wars films. Thanks to core-core who had the original idea. Follow him on Facebook: Check out his original…

What if Tommy Wiseau directed Pixar's "UP"?

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Tommy Wisaeu, star of the critically acclaimed 2003 film "The Room", takes a break from football to direct Disney Pixar's Up.

BEST F(R)IENDS Concept Trailer (2017) Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero Comedy Thriller Movie HD

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BEST F(R)IENDS Concept Trailer (2017) Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero Movie HD Comedy Thriller SUBSCRIBE for more Movie Trailers HERE: Plot: A drifter encounters a…

The Dark Knight featuring Tommy Wiseau

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Warner Bros. went over-budget after Heath Ledger's tragic death and, as he was unavailable for necessary reshoots, Tommy Wiseau was cast to voiceover the Joker…

Oh Hi Batman

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Wiseau vs. Wayne. The Room's Tommy Wiseau is mercilessly interrogated by the Dark Knight himself.

What If Tommy Wiseau Directed The Dark Knight Rises

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Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now- huh? You're tearing me apart Batman!

TOMMY WISEAU - AFTER They Were Famous - The Disaster Artist - oh hi mark

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TOMMY WISEAU - AFTER They Were Famous - Before Tommy Wiseau created the cult classic The Room, and uttered "Oh Hi Mark." After he would…

CAR BOTZ! - Retro "Transformers" Parody (Feat. Tommy Wiseau)

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"In 2009, a low-budget filmmaker from the country of Morovia saw the teaser trailer to "Transformers". Two weeks later, "CAR BOTZ" was released." June 2017's…

Best F(r)iends Starring Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero - Concept Trailer

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15 years ago, Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero starred together in a film so awful many consider it to be the worst thing ever to…

Tommy Wiseau's "To Be Or Not To Be" Street Fashions USA commercial

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The Room Knight

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Now you can watch 'The Room' with Batman! To see The Dark Knight Rises trailer featuring the sounds of The Room click here:

Tommy Wiseau in La La Land

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La La Land (2010) Episode #1.6

Tommy Wiseau talks James Franco, Hollywood respect and underwear

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO REPORT: IBTimes UK chats to Tommy Wiseau about James Franco filming the Disaster Artist, based on The Room. For more videos, head over…


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oh hi mark

If Tommy Wiseau directed The Shining

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In 1979, Tommy Wiseau was asked by Warner Bros. to direct The Shining; when they saw the final product they threw him out. Stanley Kubrick…

What If Wes Anderson Directed X-Men & Tommy Wiseau Directed Batman REACTION!!

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Wes Anderson's X-Men video here: Tommy Wiseau's Batman here: I watch Patrick William's videos, What if Wes Anderson Directed X-Men, and What If…

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