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Trump says arming teachers with concealed weapons could prevent school massacres

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US president Donald Trump says he’s considering backing proposals to promote concealed carrying of weapons by trained school employees to respond to shootings. Meeting students…

Trump meets local officials, vows action on school safety

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President Trump holds White House meeting with state and local officials from across the country; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' FOX News Channel (FNC)…

Trump promotes arming teachers, ending gun-free zones

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President floats ideas to prevent future mass school shootings; reaction and analysis from the 'Special Report' All-Star panel. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour…

President Donald Trump meets with state and local officials on school safety | ABC News

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Following his listening session with victims of school shootings, the president meets with officials to discuss school safety. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More…

Florida victim's dad to Trump: I'm pissed - BBC News

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US President Donald Trump held a listening session at the White House where he was confronted by parents. Andrew Pollack - whose daughter, Meadow, was…

Trump's 'I hear you' notecard criticized by media

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Trump used notecard during listening session with victims of gun violence; Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacts to media criticisms of Trump. FOX News…

Parkland Father Gives Speech To President Trump About Murdered Daughter: 'I'm Pissed!' | NBC News

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Andrew Pollack gave an emotional speech in front of President Trump at the White House during a meeting with parents and students affected by the…

LIVE: President Trump listening session on school safety with state and local officials

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President Trump is hosting state and local officials at the White House on Thursday as part of the administration's ongoing efforts to hear from communities…

President Donald Trump Proposes Bonuses For Skilled, Gun-Carrying Teachers | NBC News

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During a roundtable discussion about rethinking gun legislation and school safety in the wake of the Florida school shooting, President Donald Trump proposes bonuses for…

Eric Trump on addressing gun violence, business in India

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President Trump listened to students, teachers and parents on gun reforms and school security; Eric Trump discusses his father's actions and Donald Trump Jr.'s business…

President Donald Trump Floats Pay Bonus For Teachers Who Carry Guns In Class | NBC Nightly News

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In a second school safety listening session this week, the President suggested that certain properly-trained educators should be allowed to carry concealed weapons. » Subscribe…

President Donald Trump Meets With Parents Affected By Gun Violence | NBC News

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President Donald Trump meets at the White House with parents impacted by gun violence, including families whose children were killed in the Columbine and Sandy…

WATCH: President Trump holds listening sessions on guns

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President Donald Trump holds a listening session regarding gun violence.

President Donald Trump meets with teachers, students affected by school shootings | ABC News

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The president holds a "listening session" with students, teachers and parents affected by the Parkland Fla., Newtown, Conn., and Columbine, Colo. school shootings. SUBSCRIBE to…

Trump accuser fires back: He should be afraid

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Trump accuser Rachel Crooks responds after President Donald Trump directs a tweet at her.

BREAKING: President Trump URGENT Listening Session with High School Students and Teachers

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WATCH: President Trump URGENT Listening Session with High School Students and Teachers

After Mueller Indictments Donald Trump Fails To Criticize Russia | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Trump spent the weekend after Mueller indicted 13 Russians on Twitter attacking Obama, Congress, the FBI, Democrats - even Oprah - but never said anything…

Trump listens to students, families affected by school shootings

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U.S. President Donald Trump is listening to families affected by Parkland, Newtown and Columbine school shootings at the White House. For more: »»» Subscribe…