Ventura county fire academy - Video clip


Ventura County Fire Academy 51

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This action packed, firefighter training video, highlights some of the demanding physical & mental work the trainees went thru starting in February of 2015. Graduating…

Ventura County Fire Department Academy 52. 2016 Photo and Video Montage

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This fire fighter training highlight video gives a better understanding of our hero's journey from trainee to graduate. Over the course of 16 weeks, the…

Ventura County Fire Department Firefighter Graduation

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Ventura County and Ventura City 50th Firefighter Academy. The public demonstration for family and friends was at the Ventura County Fire Department Regional Training Center.…

Ventura County Fire Crew Video 2015

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Ventura County Fire Academy Battalion 35 Graduation Show

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Connor Borum, my little step bro graduated from the fire academy April 9th. This is some of the video that I recorded.

48th Acad

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VCFD 48th Recruit Academy

Ventura County Fire Department Cadet Program

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Firefighter cadets put to the test

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Firefighter cadets are put to the test Thursday at the Ventura County Fire Department Academy.

Ventura County Fire Department Academy June 6, 2008

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Ventura County Fire Department academy graduation June 6, 2008. Congratulations academy graduates and good luck with your careers!!

Ventura Country Thomas Fire Burns Thousands of acres-Southern California fires|| 5 Dec 2017

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Tens of thousands fled their homes Tuesday as several incredibly fast-moving brush fires pushed by howling Santa Ana winds scorched parts of Southern California. "Fires…

Leading By Example: Ventura City Fire Department's Sustainable Practices

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Sustainable Ventura News visits with Ventura City Fire Department to find out about their sustainable operating practices. Sustainable Ventura News Watch Sustainable Ventura News at…

Academy Week 18 - Graduation Day

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Week 18 brought the moment that all of the Trainees had been working toward - Graduation Day and having their Firefighter badges pinned upon their…


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Ventura County Criminal Justice Training Center provides Basic POST academy training for Tri-County Police and Sheriff Departments.

Rosenbauer Video

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An introduction video giving a brief preview of some of the features on the new Rosenbauer fire engines.

VCFD Battalion 4 in Simi - Station 41 Memorial on 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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VCFD Station 41- E41, T41, SQ41 rolling out on the ramp the morning of September 11, 2011, before honoring the victims and heroes of 9/11.…

VCFD Station 27 Groundbreaking

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Ventura County Fire Crew

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Ventura County Fire Crew

Ventura County Fire

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Ventura wildfire rages over 45,000 acres, destroys more than 150 structures, triggers evacuation of 27,000 fast-moving, wind-fueled wildfire swept into the city of Ventura early…

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