Ventura county fire department responding - Video clip


Ventura County Fire Responding in Simi

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New E43 responding out of their new station; E41 and SQ41 responding out of Station 41; RE144 (Rescue Engine) responding with B4, E41 and MED431…

Rosenbauer Video

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An introduction video giving a brief preview of some of the features on the new Rosenbauer fire engines.

Ventura County Fire Department B4 responding in SImi

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Engine 45 responding to a structure with Engine and Squad 41 en route, Engines 41, 45, 134, Utility 40 and 45 with OES WT 12…

VCFD Station 41 responding to a TCHVY

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E41, T41, SQ41, and B4 responding to a TC Heavy Rescue on 9/8/12. T41 with its new electronic growler (EQ2B?)

VCFD Battalion 4 in Simi - Station 41 Memorial on 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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VCFD Station 41- E41, T41, SQ41 rolling out on the ramp the morning of September 11, 2011, before honoring the victims and heroes of 9/11.…

VCFD Battalion 4 Responding

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Truck 41, Engine 46, Engine 41, Squad 41, Battalion 4, Medic 431, Engine 45, SVPD responding with Engine and Squad 41, and Battalion 41 en…

Ventura County fire burns thousands of acres | ABC7

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The Thomas Fire in Ventura County spread to thousands of acres and threatened hundreds of homes.

Ventura County Fire Department Battalion 4 Responding

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Engines 41, 43, 45, 46, 134, 144, Trucks 41 and 144, Quint 44, Squad 41 and 34 responding in Simi.

Ventura County Fire

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Ventura wildfire rages over 45,000 acres, destroys more than 150 structures, triggers evacuation of 27,000 fast-moving, wind-fueled wildfire swept into the city of Ventura early…

VCFD Battalion 4 Responding

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Engine, Truck, and Squad 41, Battalion 4 responding to a structure fire. Engine and Utility 43 responding to a tech rescue. Engines 45 and 46…

Ventura County Fire Department Firefighter Graduation

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Ventura County and Ventura City 50th Firefighter Academy. The public demonstration for family and friends was at the Ventura County Fire Department Regional Training Center.…

New Fire Station 35 Groundbreaking Ceremony - October 2015

899 Views10 Downloads The Ventura County Fire Department and distinguished officials conducted a groundbreaking ceremony on Monday, October 26, in Thousand Oaks for an 11,233-square-foot fire station.…

Ventura County Fire Department Truck-54 Responding

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Here you'll see Ventura County Fire Department with Truck-54 responding to an unknown call.

Ventura County Fire Department engine 34

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Engine 34 responding to a medical call in Thousand Oaks, California

VCFD/AMR responding to a medical

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Ventura County Fire Department and American medical response going to a medical at Vintage Simi in Simi Valley, CA

VCFD Battalion 4 Responding and On Scene

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Engine, Truck, and Squad 41, Engine 46, Battalion 4, Engine 45, and Medic 491 responding, Truck 41 on the roof, Engine 46 at a vehicle…

VCFD Battalion 4 En Route

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Units from Battalion 4 responding in Simi: Engine, Truck, and Squad 41, Engine 43, Battalion 4, Squad 34, Engine 134, and Engine 46

VCFD Engine 43 responding to an unconscious person

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Ventura County Fire Department, engine 43, responding to an unconscious person in Simi Valley, CA.

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