Women s march 2018 - Video clip


Women's March 2018 Cringe Compilation

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I hope you guys enjoy these highlights from the 2018 Women's March. Buy some merch!

Interviewing People At Women's March 2018 In San Francisco

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Reporters Segregated, Harassed at Women’s March

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Once again the left shows violent intolerance to anyone who questions their viewpoints.

Delusional Women's March Demonstrators Don't Have A True Message | FLECCAS TALKS

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This week I went down to the Women's March in Los Angeles where ladies and men were protesting, hating, and threatening to kill President Trump.…

Thousands rally in 2018 Women's March

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Thousands rallied in the second annual Women's March. The demonstration took place one year after President Trump was sworn into office. CBS News justice reporter…

Natalie Portman speaks at Women's March

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Actress Natalie Portman speaks at the Women's March in Los Angeles.

LET MY WOMYN GO (Women's March 2018)

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Women's March 2018: Bigger Crowds, Even Funnier Signs

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The President, cooped up "working hard" at the White House all weekend, missed all the fun in the streets. Subscribe To "The Late Show" Channel…

Viola Davis speaks at Women's March

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Actress Viola Davis gave a passionate speech at the Women's March in Los Angeles.

Women's March 2018 Is A Fraud Educate Yourselves

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The Stunning & Brave Women’s March 2018

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Watch Live! Women's March Protesters Turn On Democrats

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Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with…

Halsey Shut Down The NYC Women's March 2018 With A Poem “A Story Like Mine”

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halsey : “A Story Like Mine” poem from Women’s March 2018 in NYC "A Story Like Mine" // Halsey speaks at the 2018 Women's March…

Scarlett Johansson's Hypocrisy at Women's March 2018

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The Nasty Truth Behind The Women's March - 2018

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You'd think that the feminists would get some upstanding female role models to represent women and feminism at the Women's March 2018! But no, instead…

Scarlett Johansson Women's March Event Full Speech 2018 James Franco Natalie Portman

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All The Speech's at The Women's March 2018 Jan 20, including Scartlett Johansson's calling out of James Franco James Franco is under fire yet again,…

Scarlett Johansson Times Up LA Women's March (2018)

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Scarlett Johansson , who was representing the Time’s Up campaign, has praised the Me Too movement for bringing hope of equality as she addressed thousands…

Must See! Cringworthy Outtakes From The Women's March In LA

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Ranging from reporters getting farted on to equipment being broken by friendly 'Love Trumps Hate' activists, the Women's March couldn't have been such blast without…